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New Progress Kendo UI Release Adds Capabilities for jQuery, Angular, React and Vue, Plus Major Enhancements Across the Board

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(NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and
digital experience technologies, today announced the latest release of Progress®
Kendo UI®
, the most complete UI toolkit for web development. Today’s
release includes a series of new components for jQuery, Angular, React
and Vue as well as major enhancements for some of its most popular
existing components.

With the latest release of Kendo UI toolkit, Progress
is introducing two new components – PDF Viewer and Drawer as well as
major enhancements to existing components:

  • The PDF Viewer enables developers to host PDF files within the app
    without downloading them to local machines first. The component can
    work with both PDF.js and the Telerik® Document Processing Library to
    process the PDF files for viewing and exporting. An added
    virtualization feature also ensures that even the largest PDF files
    can be displayed in the component.
  • The Drawer widget, a standard for navigating web applications, can
    either be overlaid on top of existing content or moved to the side of
    content. Its elements can be customized to have their own layout
    templates and feature the ability to display a more compact layout,
    called “mini” mode, which shows only the menu items’ icons. Kendo UI
    also now offers zero-day support for jQuery 3.4.0.
  • Existing components with major new enhancements include the
    Spreadsheet widget, which now has image support, cell comments and a
    large expansion of its events. The ListView now includes endless
    scrolling and the Menu offers data binding. The mobile experience for
    multiple components has been improved. The adaptive behavior of Grid
    and Scheduler has been expanded and the mobile support for the
    DateRangePicker has been improved.


  • Kendo UI now offers Angular ColorPicker to provide either a drop-down
    or expanded widget to let developers select colors within Angular
    applications. This can be done by providing a predefined color palette
    for users to choose from or a gradient, which offers more flexibility
    for picking a specific color.
  • The Angular Scheduler component has received several new features,
    including multi-day and week views, along with resizing and
    drag-and-drop support.
  • Another UI component, the Editor, now has a large array of tools to
    manipulate its content.
  • Other Angular components that saw enhancements include the Dropdown
    components, which received new major features and WCAG 2.1 support.

Progress® KendoReact™ UI components now provide many
new React UI components, including:

  • Editor, which enables end users to input free-form text and apply
  • The DateTimePicker, which provides a single input element to select
    both date and time.
  • The Notification widget, which enables developers to easily showcase
    additional information on top of their existing user interface.
  • The Sortable package, which is a handy utility library that allows
    displaying a generic list of items and drag-and-drop reordering of its
  • The Drag & Drop utility library, which makes any UI element draggable
    and defines exactly what can be dragged and where it can (or cannot)
    be dropped.
  • React developers can now get added value from existing components as
    well. For example, the Data Grid has two new features: column
    virtualization (in addition to the already available row
    virtualization) and Context menu. The TreeView component now includes
    Checkbox selection and Drag-and-Drop built-in.

With the new release, Progress provides new component
enhancements and the expansion of native Grid for Vue.js developers. The
native Grid now supports full Grouping and Virtualization. A new Column
Virtualization feature has been added to the existing Row Virtualization
to enable users to scroll seamlessly through large datasets both
horizontally and vertically. New locked/frozen column capabilities have
been added to allow users to lock and unlock columns both on the left
and right side of the grid. Finally, a new grid column menu has been
introduced to make the access and use of all features at the column
level easier. With it, users can now manage individual columns
properties and even create custom commands.

In addition to the Grid enhancements, the ListView component now
includes Endless Scrolling, which enables users to browse through large
datasets without having to manually page through multiple screens.

“The latest Kendo UI toolkit release is very robust, offering
significant new components and major advancements to existing
components,” said Faris Sweis, SVP & General Manager, Developer Tooling
Business, Progress. “Kendo UI continues to drive quality for our
JavaScript developer community, regardless of framework chosen. We will
continue to build upon these capabilities to ensure Kendo UI remains the
most complete UI component library for web development on the market.”

The latest Progress Kendo UI release is available today. For more
information, go to
or attend one of the two upcoming release webinars, taking place June 4
and June 6. Register here
for the Kendo UI webinar or here
for the dedicated KendoReact UI components webinar.

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