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New Generative Design Total Lifetime Value Calculator Empowers Improved Decision Making for Technology Implementers

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The Generative Design Total Lifetime Value Calculator (TLVC) is now the
deepest and most detailed tool for comparing the costs and savings for
implementing generative design software in various deployment
strategies, announced ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory
firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative
technologies. The Generative Design TVLC empowers ABI Research Industrial
clients to plan and compare the best strategies for
deploying generative design with the fastest payback periods and the
most value over time.

“The TLVC tool answers the following big-picture questions: Is it worth
implementing generative design? How much value can be expected from the
software? How fast can I break even on my investment? How can I expect
to incur costs and value in implementing generic design over time? Any
of our clients who use this tool to plan a deployment of generative
design software will have a very good idea of what value to expect, and
when on their roadmap,” said Pierce Owen, Principal Analyst of the
Industrial Solution at ABI Research.

The TLVC arms solution providers with a valuable third-party proof point
to justify technology investment and will also help Systems Integrators
to determine whether and how to include generative design in a client’s
Industry 4.0 strategy; how it could fit together with CAD software and
the added benefits if their client is deploying other technologies such
as additive manufacturing. Technology implementers can use the TVLC to
understand and determine if they should deploy the technology and then
how to deploy generative design to get the fastest payback and the most

“Implementers of generative design who do not use the ABI Research
Industrial Solution Total Lifetime Value Calculator prior to deployment
may find themselves stuck with a business model that locks them into
recurring costs without recurring value or applications of the software
that simply do not maximize its potential. Fortunately, those with
access to the ABI Research Industrial Solution can leverage not only the
TLVC but also the full generative design application analysis and the
generative design competitive assessment to educate themselves on the
appropriate technology applications and the best-in-class generative
design vendors,” concluded Owen.

These findings are from ABI Research’s Generative
Design Total Lifetime Value Calculator
report. This report is part
of the company’s Industrial
which will help manufacturers digitize operations to create
better quality products at lower costs. Total
Lifetime Value
reports offer comprehensive analysis of
implementation strategies and innovation, coupled with payback period
analysis and total lifetime value analysis to offer unparalleled insight
into the appropriate deployment strategy of a transformative technology.

The Generative Design Total Lifetime Value Calculator will be
demonstrated to attendees and exhibitors at Hannover Messe 2019 in
Hannover, Germany from April 1-5, 2019.

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