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Nerdio Accelerates MSP Transition to Windows Virtual Desktop with New True Windows 10 VDI

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a pioneer in Microsoft Azure IT automation and the definitive Azure
solution for MSPs, today announced the launch of True Windows 10 Virtual
Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to continue its mission of empowering MSPs
to build successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure. In addition to
deploying virtual desktop environments using the more traditional
Windows Server 2016 operating system with Windows 10 “desktop
experience,” MSPs can now provision virtual desktops for their customers
using the Windows 10 Enterprise desktop operating system.

This offering will allow MSPs to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual
desktop workloads in Azure. They can even mix-and-match Windows Server
2016 and True Windows 10 VDI desktops within the same customer account
to enable a smooth transition to True Windows 10 VDI. By leveraging True
Windows 10 VDI, MSPs can prepare for the upcoming launch of WVD – a new,
Azure-only technology suite from Microsoft that is currently in public
preview and is expected to become generally available later this year.
WVD will support both single-session and multi-session Windows 10
desktops and will be included as part of the Windows 10 Enterprise
license subscription. It is expected to introduce numerous end-user
experience enhancements like user profile management with FSLogix

“At BeMo we love making sure our customers are always ahead of the
technology curve and we couldn’t do that without Nerdio,” said Bruno
Lecoq, President & Chief Information Security Officer at BeMo. “We have
worked closely with Nerdio for some time now to ensure that we can
easily create Windows 10 virtual desktops today as we bring our
customers down the path to full WVD deployments soon. Nobody in the
ecosystem knows, and is more hands-on, with WVD than Nerdio.”

True Windows 10 VDI offers users who are accustomed to the Windows 10
desktop operating system a better and more familiar experience, which
will ultimately make their transition to WVD very simple and quick.
Another key benefit of True Windows 10 VDI is the Nerdio Admin Portal,
which automates the management of virtual desktops by enabling remote
reset, golden image revert, user profile recovery from backup, desktop
VM resize, automatic desktop VM shutdown, and many other time-saving

“MSPs are excited about Windows Virtual Desktop, and they are looking
for the right stepping stones to readily position themselves to reap the
benefits of WVD once launched,” said Amol Dalvi, VP of Product at
Nerdio. “The ability to familiarize your users with virtual desktop
infrastructure now through an intuitive and seamless environment like
True Windows 10 VDI will be instrumental to a quick and painless
transition once WVD is generally available. With Nerdio’s True Windows
10 VDI, MSPs will be one step ahead and the transition to WVD will be

True Windows 10 VDI is now available. Learn more at

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