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More Than One-in-Three Canadian Organizations Experienced a Security Breach in the Past Year

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Today, CDW Canada, a leading provider of technology solutions and services for Canadian organizations, published findings from its 2023 Penetration Testing Survey to coincide with CDW’s annual National Penetration Testing Day.

The research found that more than one-in-three (36 percent) Canadian organizations experienced a security breach in the past year. While the vast majority (80 percent) involved an external breach originating from outside an organization’s infrastructure, three-in-five (61 percent) reported an internal breach. The high frequency of internal security breaches highlights the crucial importance of implementing and maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture and ensuring employees are educated and trained on security best practices.

“With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, organizations must keep up to identify, evaluate and mitigate their exploitable vulnerabilities,” says Julius Azarcon, Vice President, Professional and Managed Services, for CDW Canada. “One of the most effective ways organizations can minimize their cybersecurity risks is through penetration testing to ensure their data remains secure. Organizations that neglect to prioritize their cybersecurity are significantly heightening their risk of exposure to successful cyberattacks that prey on security vulnerabilities.”

The survey also revealed the most common types of security breaches Canadian organizations report being victimized by in the past two years, which included ransomware attacks (34 percent), business email compromises (34 percent) and phishing attacks (33 percent). Amongst companies/organizations that have shifted to a remote or hybrid work model, more than half (54 percent) of Canadian IT professionals report that the shift has increased their organization’s security risk. Awareness, training and resources remain paramount to combatting cyberthreats.

Now in its second year, the CDW survey summarizes the sentiment of 500 Canadian IT decision-makers regarding cybersecurity and the posture of their organizations.

With 20 years of industry-leading experience, CDW specializes in helping organizations prepare for and defend against security threats. As a trusted security partner, CDW develops customized solutions and services to address the unique IT security risks of organizations and conducts penetration testing to identify and catalogue vulnerabilities in existing defence systems.

To learn more about the state of penetration testing in Canada, please visit CDW Canada’s Research Hub.

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