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Mindbreeze Partner of the Year 2018 North America: Onix

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Mindbreeze, a leading global provider of appliances and cloud services
for information insight and applied artificial intelligence, recognizes
Onix for its outstanding performance as a partner in North America.

Mindbreeze’s premium partner Onix has shown the most commitment to
deliver powerful business outcomes in terms of industry knowhow.

“We focus on elevating clients to the next level of productivity,
collaboration, efficiency and success. Therefore, hundreds of employees
are working globally to help our clients transform their organizations.
Being honored as the partner of the year in north America by Mindbreeze,
is truly a testament to the team.”, says David Bryson, Enterprise
Account Manager at Onix.

“Onix has excelled in developing its partnership with Mindbreeze and
growing mutual business opportunities with customers in North America”,
says Daniel Fallmann founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.

Mindbreeze has a global network of partners to enable companies
illuminate the insights they need in today’s data-laden world in the
most effective and efficient ways possible. Unlike other insight
engines, Mindbreeze InSpire is uniquely focused on combining the latest
technology advancements including machine learning, natural language
processing and AI – powered search capabilities in a simple-to-use and
easy-to-deploy appliance that unites business information from 450+
sources in simple 360-degree views.

About Mindbreeze
is a leading provider of appliances and cloud services for enterprise
search, applied artificial intelligence, and knowledge management. The
insight engine understands information and provides a consolidated view
of corporate knowledge, regardless of where (data sources) and how
(structured, unstructured) the data is stored. Through a global network
of partners, Mindbreeze covers all time zones.

About Onix
Onix is
a leading developer and provider of technology solutions and consulting
services to a broad range of corporate and government customers. Onix
partners with technology industry leaders and offers extensive expertise
in the design and implementation of end-to-end comprehensive solutions.