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McAfee Warns of Scams Targeting Consumers During Uncertain Times

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McAfee warns that as we adjust to a changed world, bad actors are also changing the tactics and approaches they use to take advantage of people. From phishing scams to fake ecommerce sites, consumers are exposed to a number of potentials threats during this uncertain time.

McAfee has identified the following scams- some new and others tried and true- as ways that bad actors are targeting and tricking consumers into handing over personal information or financial resources. As we spend more time online, consumers should stay vigilant and informed about the following popular scams:

  • Stimulus Checks—This takes the form of a phony message from the government or the IRS, asking you to submit personal information or file a tax form to receive a government stimulus check, which can lead to identity theft.
  • Health Alerts—This includes emails masked as coming from a reputable health organization, such as the CDC, asking you to click on a link to see health news in your area, which could download some form of malware to your computer.
  • Work From Home Offers—These messages include job offers that require you to pay upfront to hold your position or purchase a piece of software. The job offers may be for positions like medical biller or rebate processor.
  • The “CEO Scam—Fraudsters spoof the email address of someone in your workplace with a position of power. Emails from this spoofed address involve work-from-home policies or safety precautions, and ask you to download an attached policy sheet, which contains malware.
  • Delivery Notices—You might receive a warning that your order or account is on hold until you verify some details or that require you to click on an attachment to see the delivery time. These alerts often spoof popular e-commerce sites, like FedEx or Amazon.
  • Fake E-Commerce sites—Hundreds of new e-commerce sites have been popping up offering everything from hard-to-find products, medical equipment, and more. Some are legitimate middlemen hoping to turn a quick profit, but others are fake websites looking to collect your personal and financial information.

Visit McAfee’s Safety from Home page for the latest information and tips on how to stay safe online, during this time.

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