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LC GC®’s CHROMacademy Presents “What LC-MS Operators Need to Know” Webcast

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LC GC®, a leading multimedia platform of peer-reviewed technical information on the field of chromatography and the separation sciences, and its CHROMacademy program, the world’s largest eLearning website for analytical scientists, will host a live webcast titled “What LC-MS Operators Need to Know” on Thursday, Aug. 15, at 11 a.m. EDT.

“Data optimization can have a dramatic impact on the robustness of the data produced,” said Michael J. Hennessy Jr., president of MJH Life Sciences. “This live webcast will grant participants the opportunity to learn directly from a CHROMacademy technical expert to understand the boundaries of working with LC-MS instruments.”

Dawn Watson, Ph.D., will lead the discussion as an expert in synthetic inorganic chemistry, Watson is the technical expert for CHROMacademy. Watson has expertise in various analytical techniques, including HPLC, GC, GC–MS, LC–MS, NMR, and molecular spectroscopy, in addition to numerous wet chemistry and sample preparation techniques.

This webcast will consider the working principles of LC-MS instruments, providing attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to produce the right quality data in the most efficient matter. Attendees will have an enhanced understanding of the optimization of mobile phase composition and flow for best response, the process of designing and optimizing mass analyzer settings, and how to spot and correct problems.

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