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L2 Cyber Solutions Launches the Cyber Industry’s First Category Optimized End-to-End Security Solutions for Enterprises

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L2 Cyber Solutions (fka LSquared Security), a leading provider of
end-to-end cyber security solutions, today announced at the Rocky
Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC 2019), the rebrand of
the company along with the launch of highly optimized, category-specific
solutions branded as the 3P Programs. With the launch of its 3P
Programs, L2 is providing enterprises the first vendor agnostic,
end-to-end security assurance programs that are tailor-made for their
specific industry, and offer fast and affordable deployments to address
increasing cyber threats to their businesses.

“Our 3P Programs can serve any enterprise, but were designed especially
for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are the most underserved
segment of the cyber market. Today SMEs rely on point solutions or
‘security in a box’ that are generic and do not address the true nature
of cyber threats these companies face,” said Lisa Love, founder and CEO
of L2 Cyber Solutions. “Further, small and medium enterprises can be
existentially impacted by security breaches compared to large
enterprises, and therefore our 3P Programs are designed to make sure
that they get the same level of security as large enterprises that have
vast security resources and budgets.”

According to independent research, 60% of small enterprises shutter
their business within 6 months of having a major security breach. Small
and medium enterprises have specific requirements, and generic solutions
can lead to overbuilding security at inefficient costs. More frequently,
however, small and medium enterprises implement generic point solutions
that do not obviate the more significant end-to-end security that they
need to have in place.

L2 3P Programs:

L2 3P Programs are built on three key pillars towards this objective of
optimizing time and budget to achieve required security:

Precise: L2 3P Programs are precisely tailored for specific
industries, such as finance, manufacturing, consulting, legal,
hospitality, healthcare, and others, so that customers have a ready
starting point uniquely suited to their business requirements with
minimal additional customization.

Persistent: L2 3P Programs are designed for end-to-end security,
obviating point-solution vulnerabilities that SMEs currently are exposed
to. Further, L2’s closed-loop process ensures ongoing competency
building for enterprises.

Proven: L2 3P Programs are based on proven industry frameworks
and standards such as ISO 27001, NIST and IEEE, so SMEs have the
assurance of best practices and regulatory compliance already built in.

Additionally, L2 Cyber Solutions has the provenance of providing more
than a decade of mission critical security to large federal
organizations, and the same is leveraged in the 3P Programs.

Security as a Business Asset:

In addition to ensuring the most robust end-to-end security, the 3P
Programs are also designed to give enterprises the ability to take
charge of their ongoing security needs in a fast changing cyber-threat
environment. Within the 3P Programs, L2 enables enterprises to build
growing competencies to manage their cyber threats, if they so desire.

“L2’s information security program was robust and implemented FISMA Gap
Assessment taking into account our current operational systems and best
practice NIST framework adherence that assured us we were in good hands
with our highly sensitive Alcohol Monitoring Systems’ data,” said Tim
Weil of Scram Systems. “We found them to be an excellent partner to work
with, and L2 has developed well-protected information security programs.
I would highly recommend L2 Cyber Solutions’ portfolio of information
security and compliance readiness solutions for companies needing
advanced cyber solutions.”

L2 Cyber Solutions is announcing the 3P Programs at the Rocky Mountain
Information Security Conference (RMISC), Denver, June 4-6, 2019, and
exhibiting its solutions at Booth 241. Lisa Love, CEO, is presenting the
talk “Security
as a Business Asset: How to redefine security in a business context
on June 5, and hosting a panel discussion “IT
Security Audits: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
” on June 6, at the


L2 Cyber Solutions (fka LSquared LLC) partners with small and medium
enterprises (SME) to build their ongoing and long term capabilities to
secure data, networks, applications and access against pervasive cyber
threats. L2 offers enterprises its 3P Programs utilizing proven
frameworks and standards that are precisely tailored for specific
industry categories to ensure persistent end-to-end cyber security. As a
result, L2 ensures the most robust business continuity and risk
management solutions with affordable and efficient deployment through 3P
category-specific optimizations. L2’s expert cyber professionals have
teamed together for more than a decade on securing some of the most
mission critical federal and defense programs, and enterprises. L2 is
women- and veteran-owned. More information on L2 Cyber Solutions can be
found at
or by contacting us at