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Iron Bridge Offers Free Registry Reporting to Labs and Hospitals Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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Iron Bridge — an industry leader in healthcare integration and registry reporting — is proud to announce that they are now offering access to their registry reporting SaaS for free in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With Iron Bridge’s registry reporting software, Pub Hub™, hospitals and labs will be able to report cases of COVID-19 to the CDC faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe is not only a significant public health concern, but has put an undeniable strain on the healthcare industry. Iron Bridge has made it a priority to streamline communication within the industry by harnessing the power of interoperability. In an effort to ease the burden placed on the healthcare industry at this time, Pub Hub™ is now available to hospitals and labs in need of streamlined reporting of COVID-19 to the CDC and state public health registries.

Pub Hub™ is the public health registry reporting solution that makes it easy to communicate disease information to public health organizations. If a doctor diagnoses a patient with respiratory illness as a result of COVID-19 or finds a positive COVID-19 result through lab testing, Pub Hub™ makes it easy to securely communicate this information with the CDC and state registries without putting further strain on the hardworking professionals of the healthcare industry.

“We understand the strain this pandemic is putting on our healthcare system and professionals. We wanted to find a way to help our customers, colleagues, and caregivers. Iron Bridge is in a unique position to help provide syndromic surveillance and reportable lab results for COVID-19 to state registries and the CDC on behalf of the laboratories, hospitals, and ambulatory providers that are not currently sending this information electronically,” says F. Bradley Meyers, Iron Bridge CEO and co-founder, “We hope by eliminating the financial barriers to submit this data, we can help the state and federal government receive this information as quickly as possible.” As a result, the team at Iron Bridge hopes to do their part in serving the community and improving the public welfare.

Information in a time like this is invaluable, and Iron Bridge is dedicated to providing our hardworking officials with the tools and information they need to keep our families and communities healthy. Hospitals, practices, and laboratories interested in using Pub Hub™ to aid in their reporting of COVID-19 should get in touch with the team at Iron Bridge by emailing us at In a joint effort with the healthcare industry and public health officials, Iron Bridge hopes to help harness the power of data integration combat the effects of COVID-19.

About Iron Bridge Corporation:

Iron Bridge was founded in 2011 with a mission to improve interoperability in an increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem. Dedicated to streamlining the processes of data integration, data acquisition, and registry reporting, Iron Bridge approaches the technological aspects of healthcare data store and communication with a secure, functional, and contemporary mindset designed to surpass the standards set by other industry cohorts. Our cloud-based platform moves healthcare interoperability into a more affordable, integrated landscape which, in turn, can increase the speed and quality of care healthcare providers deliver to patients on a day-to-day basis. Iron Bridge is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee.

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