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Innovative ArchivEra Collections Management Software at AAO 2019

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Lucidea’s archives collections management applications, ArchivEra,
CuadraSTAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA), and Eloquent Archives,
will be represented at this year’s Archives
Association of Ontario (AAO) Conference
in Belleville, ON. Visit
Lucidea’s Phil Wensley on May 9th through 10th, at the Loyalist College
to see how easily these applications enable researchers and the public
to connect with the historic materials archivists work hard to preserve.

Lucidea’s flagship archival collections management system, ArchivEra,
offers compelling options for organizing archival collections and making
them broadly accessible. ArchivEra is purpose-built for archivists,
based on best practices observed working with clients for over 20 years.
It enables archivists to describe and manage collections, while
leveraging tools that save time and resources, and build a compelling
web presence—resulting in broader access to historic materials.
ArchivEra lets archivists connect a broad audience with the precious
materials they preserve, no matter the archives’ size or budget.

Lucidea’s innovative and comprehensive archives collections management
applications—SKCA, Eloquent Archives, and now ArchivEra—deliver
capabilities that go well beyond traditional collections management,
while ensuring the success of archivists’ primary responsibility:
preserving the past and making it accessible for the future.

For more information on Lucidea’s archives collections management
solutions for archives of all sizes and budgets, please contact Lucidea
at 604-278-6717, visit
or email with
your questions.