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Healthstat Launches VITALS Reporting Package Giving Clients Insightful, Actionable Data on Health Center Performance

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Healthstat, Inc., a leading provider of onsite, nearsite, shared and virtual employer-sponsored health centers, has launched VITALS, an industry-leading comprehensive reporting package that provides actionable data on the performance of more than 250 health centers operated by the company. VITALS was built by internal experts with input from external thought leaders and provides a full integration of data sources to report financial and clinical outcomes, achieve a higher quality of care at lower costs, and improve patient experience.

VITALS is an enhanced reporting tool that provides insights into health center performance in monthly, quarterly and annual increments, and the VITALS online dashboard filters data across date rages, locations, services and population details for the latest information specific to each health center. Through the data, clients gain visibility into the community-based resource utilization of various services to identify avoidable marketplace spend in areas like urgent care, emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalization, and track financial performance and health outcomes. Healthstat is then able to proactively make data-driven decisions and recommendations, including adjustments to staff specialties and services, to advance the delivery of affordable, convenient and quality healthcare.

“Our clients need easy access to meaningful, actionable data that identifies successes and opportunities for improvement,” said Crockett Dale, CEO of Healthstat. “It is our hope that clients use these insights to hold Healthstat accountable and drive decisions that ultimately improve the overall health of their population.”

With its initial release of VITALS, Healthstat will collect client feedback and monitor changes in care delivery to continuously enhance the reporting package.

“VITALS gives us the full picture of health center data, helping our clients make the best decisions for the health of their employees,” said Jasmine Wazaney, Director of Analytics at Healthstat. “Since we developed VITALS internally, it allows us to more quickly release updates and improvements than if we were relying on an outside vendor.”

The VITALS reporting package includes detailed reporting across primary care, wellness and disease management, and occupational health services.


Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Healthstat is a leading provider of onsite and virtual primary care, health-risk intervention, chronic care management and occupational medicine in employer facilities. Healthstat offers a nationally recognized, proprietary healthcare delivery model that centers on patient engagement to improve health and productivity and lower healthcare costs for employers and their employees. In 2019, Healthstat announced a 5-year agreement with Johns Hopkins HealthCare, LLC to market, license and implement employee health programs developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine. For more information, visit