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GoFundMe Releases New Data Revealing the Kindness of New Yorkers

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GoFundMe, the world’s leading fundraising platform, today released new data about the state of giving in New York City. The findings, which combine new internal GoFundMe data with the results of a survey* conducted by Perksy among 1,000 New Yorkers in April 2021, demonstrate the kindness and resilience of the nation’s largest city.

While only 1% of New Yorkers described themselves as kind in the Perksy survey, data from GoFundMe between January 2020 and March 2021 indicates otherwise. In that period of time, GoFundMe found that:

  • Approximately $150 million was raised on GoFundMe by New Yorkers for people, causes, and organizations in need.
  • A New Yorker donated to a fundraiser every 30 seconds.
  • Over half of donors in New York City were first time donors.
  • Over 40% of donations made by New Yorkers were anonymous, a signal of the city’s understated generosity.
  • Over one-third of the fundraisers started by New Yorkers were for someone else.

“The data speaks volumes about the resilience and strong sense of community New Yorkers demonstrated over the past year,” said Emily Wolverton, Head of Analytics at GoFundMe. “With New York City often considered a microcosm of the United States, we’re inspired by the city’s generosity and commitment to uplifting one another that our research uncovered. From helping a friend in need to supporting a local coffee shop, we see the kindness of New Yorkers everyday on GoFundMe.”

Additional findings from the Perksy survey include:

New Yorkers made a point to support local businesses.

  • 44% of New Yorkers went out of their way to support their neighborhoods by shopping more at local businesses than usual.

New Yorkers give back.

  • Two thirds of New Yorkers (67%) donated because “they like to help those who are less fortunate,” and (40%) indicate they donate consistently every year.

New Yorkers prioritized kindness over taking up a new hobby.

  • Over the past 12 months, more New Yorkers (58%) donated to a cause or person they cared about than they took up a new hobby (47%).

New Yorkers are consistently kind.

  • Among those New Yorkers who donated, 54% have donated to 3 or more causes they care about during the pandemic.

“We have an incredible opportunity to create a better post-pandemic world for all of us,” said Dr. Kelli Harding of Columbia University in New York and author of the “The Rabbit Effect.” “This starts with small acts of kindness towards others. Each of us in our day-to-day lives has hundreds, if not thousands of moments to be able to practice kindness. It can be simple: make eye contact and acknowledge anyone within 6 feet of you, say hi to a neighbor and ask how their day is going, text a friend to say you’re thinking of them, check in with co-workers at the start of virtual team meetings, encourage employees to telecommute so they can be more present with their families, support a local shop, restaurant, or school, help out someone facing a challenge, or thank a person in your life who has helped you. Simple acts of kindness can boost your mood and have positive ripple effects on your biology. If we are all working to be more compassionate towards one another, then there is a possibility that we’ll change the world during this pandemic.”

To further bring the kindness of New York City to life, hundreds of billboards with messages about how New Yorkers supported one another on GoFundMe will blanket city streets and the subway system throughout the month of May.

*Representative survey of New Yorkers adult population (ages 18-59) conducted by Perksy from April 15-20, 2021, (N=1,028), with a margin of error of +/-3%. Data was weighted to match census.

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