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General Availability of Platform 6, the Enterprise Blockchain Application Platform

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Amalto Technologies today announced the general availability of Platform 6, its solution to easily develop, package and run blockchain-based transactional applications.

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Enterprise-class apps leveraging blockchain rely on a combinaison of on-chain and off-chain features. Although the on-chain capabilities – supported by blockchain frameworks like Ethereum, Quorum, Corda or Hyperledger Fabric – usually are the most hyped component of a project, the off-chain features actually represents the largest portion of the development effort (typically more than 80%).

Platform 6 is a development platform that provides all the off-chain features and services required to build enterprise-class decentralized applications, allowing developers, integrators, startups, service providers and IT organizations to create such apps in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Once developed, an application can easily be packaged – and then installed on any other Platform 6 instance, which then acts as the runtime for packaged applications.

Initially developed to build and operate custom B2B integration applications for enterprise clients such as Chevron, GE, Iron Mountain, Suez, Superior Propane and Thales, Platform 6 has recently undergone a major upgrade to help all types of organizations develop enterprise transactional applications. As part of this effort, Platform 6 has been made blockchain-ready and closely integrated with Ethereum (using Hyperledger Besu, Geth or Parity). Support for other major blockchain frameworks is expected to be added later in 2020.

Developers at blockchain-focused tech companies and entreprises can sign up now at and join companies like ConsenSys and Ondiflo that are already using Platform 6 to create blockchain-based enterprise applications.

“Using Platform 6 allows a drastic reduction of custom development when creating decentralized transactional applications” said Emmanuel Thiriez, co-founder of Amalto and Platform 6. “Organizations leveraging Platform 6 to build applications save months and those using these applications benefit from a battle-hardened platform, in production at global companies.”

Platform 6 includes:

  • All features and services required to build enterprise-class transactional applications – users & permissions, organizational structure, workflows, data transformation, orchestration, system integration, responsive-design User Interface, APIs…
  • A native integration with major blockchain frameworks including Ethereum using Hyperledger Besu, Parity or Geth (available today), Quorum (very soon), R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric and others (coming in 2020)
  • The ability to package applications
  • The ability to develop custom services in various languages (Java, Node.js, .Net and Go) and bundle custom resources files (jar, dll, exe) in packaged applications
  • An easy way to manage developed applications (package, install, upgrade, uninstall…)


Platform 6 is immediately available to any organization or developer wishing to build, package and/or run transactional applications, leveraging blockchain or not.

Information on installation, development, and participating in the developer community is available via the “Documentation” link on

About Platform 6

Platform 6 is an enterprise B2B application platform that provides all the off-chain features and services required to develop, package and run enterprise-class decentralized applications. Platform 6 is developed and marketed by a dedicated business unit of Amalto Technologies, a leader in B2B/EDI managed services. Founded in 2005, Amalto has been supporting customers worldwide through offices in the US, Europe and Canada. Today, Amalto and other leading organizations leverage Platform 6 to build and operate applications that automate the exchange of important business documents and the smooth execution of complex multi-party business transactions.

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