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Gadget Guard Announces the Black Ice Flex Edition—the Best Screen Protector for Next Generation Smart Screens

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, the premier maker of smartphone screen protection, announced
the availability of the Black Ice Flex Edition, its best-in-class screen
protector for next generation smart screens, including curved displays.
The Black Ice Flex Edition screen is shatterproof because of its design
and layered construction. It was developed for the Samsung Galaxy S10
and S10+, and will soon be available for iPhones.

Constructed by integrating five distinct layers, each performing an
essential function of protection for the smartphone, the Black Ice Flex
Edition screen protector won’t chip or crack like traditional screen
guards. The sturdy composite glass-like surface is specifically designed
to accommodate advanced, curved screens.

According to research by a leading mobile phone provider, approximately 50
percent of users
have broken their smartphone screen, and about 20
percent continue to use the cracked or broken device, even after
sustaining an injury from it.

“Black Ice Flex Edition offers smartphone users the ultimate mobile
phone screen protection,” said Brandon Bowen, Vice President of Sales of
parent company Penumbra Brands. “With its composite construction
engineered for both impact and scratch protection, Black Ice Flex
Edition is, by leaps and bounds, the most durable protection a
smartphone user can employ.”

Most screen protectors on the market today, especially traditional
tempered glass, render ultrasonic fingerprint identifier technology
unusable by making it impossible for the phone to ‘read’ the
fingerprint. Some screen protectors avoid this issue by leaving a
portion of the screen unprotected – and thus creating an Achilles heel
on the smartphone. Tests conducted by Qualcomm proved The Black Ice Flex
Edition design allows for rapid fingerprint recognition while covering
the entire screen.

Additionally, it offers the most optically clear display, ensuring
owners of smartphones like the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ have the best
resolution for video applications.

Gadget Guard also offers its Black Ice+ insured version at $54.99, which
includes screen device insurance, reimbursing customers for up to $150
to replace a screen damaged while protected by the Black Ice screen

The Black Ice Flex Edition screen protector is now available for Samsung
Galaxy S Series at
and through participating retailers.

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