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Funnel Launches Multifamily Unpacked, a Podcast Focused on Technology and Changes Shaping the Industry

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Funnel Leasing, the only Renter Management Software platform, today announced season one of their new podcast, Multifamily Unpacked. In this podcast, Funnel CEO, and Multifamily Unpacked host Tyler Christiansen sits down with some of the brightest minds in multifamily to have honest conversations about the industry and the tech that defines it. The podcast shares an unfiltered perspective about the trends, operating models, and viewpoints that are changing the lives of both renters and everyone working at property management companies.

While there are many podcasts, few dive deep with sought-after industry leaders to discuss: what’s broken, what everyone including owners, teams, and renters actually want, and how they are working to make it better.

Highlights from season one include:

  • “What’s the biggest thing coming up? I think it is AI, we freed them [teams] up to do valuable things, be there for our customers, take care of our assets, and manage our portfolio. I think we’re just scratching the surface on automation,” said Kristy Simonette, Camden Property Trust.

  • Scott Wesson, of UDR, Inc. shared how far data clarity in multifamily has come, and how much multifamily can (still) learn from other consumer-facing experiences “When Amazon drivers deliver your package, you get a text. Here’s a picture from your porch of your package. That’s transparency and we want that with service requests.”

  • Mike Gomes of Cortland shared the tenants of being a customer-centric company, “I fundamentally believe that you cannot pursue a great customer experience, while not equally committing to the pursuit of a great employee or associate experience.”

  • John Helm of RET Ventures explained how he chose to build a RentTech-focused fund and the landscape of multifamily tech at that time. “Back then, there were a handful of PropTech funds, but they were very focused on either residential or commercial real estate. Multifamily was kind of being ignored, we saw an opportunity to form a fund that was focused on what we call RentTech.”

  • Noah Echols, CARROLL, talked about creating a strong employee experience through role specialization, “Showing them that there’s a path in specialization that’s going to play to your strengths, and give you a higher ceiling to grow within that vertical, without bogging you down with all these other tasks.”

  • Tim Argo, MAA talked about the importance of diversifying your portfolio, and MAA’s approach to doing this through historic acquisitions including Post Properties to make MAA the largest owner of multifamily apartments in the country.

“I’m a huge podcast fan and have learned so much about being a CEO, multifamily leader, husband, father, and more from podcasts,” said Tyler Christiansen, CEO, Funnel Leasing. “I feel honored to sit down and unpack the past, present and future of multifamily technology and property management with leaders like Kristy Simonette, Scott Wesson, John Helm, Mike Gomes, Noah Echols, Tim Argo, and more on the way.”

The podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google.

About Funnel Leasing

Funnel exists so multifamily operators don’t have to pick between antiquated monopolies or single solution challengers. After decades of the status quo, operators are no more efficient, and renters still dread the process of leasing an apartment. We fixed that with a platform that turns the entire business model on its head. Renter Management Software is a new category of connected tools built around the renter. The software delivers a consistent, connected experience from first inquiry through years of renewals. All this while simultaneously saving operators quantifiable money through the smaller, and happier teams that only a renter-centric platform can enable.