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Factual Announces Availability of Audience Targeting, Measurement and Insights Products in Europe

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Factual, the location data company, today announced the availability of its Factual Audience Targeting, Factual Measurement and Factual Insights products in Europe. These offerings will empower leading enterprises and marketers in Europe to better understand, reach, engage and delight consumers with access to high-quality, location data-driven products and insights.

In 2018, Factual paused the collection of mobile device data that powered its Audience Targeting, Measurement and Insights products in Europe. At the time, Factual determined that historical data sourcing methods industry wide were not yet aligned to meet the criteria outlined within the GDPR.

Over the past year, Factual completed its implementation of systems and processes to reintroduce these products under the GDPR. The company is now working with a select group of data suppliers, having vetted their compliance systems and processes to verify suppliers are providing data with needed consents from consumers. Factual is building a scalable, responsibly sourced pool of available data in order to provide its device data-based product suite in Europe in accordance with its privacy-focused approach.

Factual’s products are being introduced in Europe with a number of new updates:

  • Factual Audience Targeting, which enables marketers to construct highly customizable, scalable and accurate audience segments designed for ROI, launches with updates including:

    • More than 100 new, off-the-shelf audiences built into a standard taxonomy, in every vertical, including QSR, retail, auto and entertainment
    • A redesigned, intuitive user interface for advertisers to design and implement customized audiences based on mobile users’ real-world behavior, as well as their proximity to a point of interest
    • New urban density filters that allow buyers to easily adjust a targeting segment based on whether locations are in an urban, suburban or rural environment
  • Factual Measurement, used by marketers to measure and optimize marketing campaigns and investments across channels including mobile, advanced TV, out-of-home and more, with in-store visitation data and actionable campaign insights, sees updates including:

    • New data accessibility and integration within market leading platforms across the adtech ecosystem
    • Advanced fields, including dwell time and distance from significant locations
  • Factual Insights, which helps enterprises and marketers make data-driven decisions by using location data and real-world behavior patterns to understand customer intent, now offers:

    • Robust custom reporting, including insights about an audience’s chain and category affinities, behavioral patterns and path to purchase

These newly reintroduced products join Factual’s suite of products that have remained available in Europe, including Proximity Targeting, Location Engine and Places.

Factual’s device-driven location products are built upon Observation Graph, Factual’s proprietary, responsibly sourced dataset that interprets the movements of 300 million monthly active devices globally and filters billions of inputs daily, including place visitation and activity detection. Factual’s data is always neutral and never bound to specific media, targeting or attribution providers. It is integrated within most major marketing platforms, which together represent more than 80% of all programmatic spend.

“Factual is well known for its trustworthy, high-quality location data,” said Christophe Collet, CEO at drive-to-store platform S4M. “Location data is the most powerful tool for both optimizing performance and measuring campaign outcomes. We will be pleased to offer S4M’s clients the opportunity to drive more customers to their stores by leveraging Factual’s excellent independent data.”

To drive Factual’s continued growth across Europe, Factual has appointed Ross Webster as Managing Director, Europe. Webster joins Factual from IBM Watson Advertising (formerly The Weather Company), where he spent nearly 10 years building revenue and partnerships as the Managing Director and VP of EMEA. Following IBM’s acquisition of Weather in 2016, Webster served as the Head of EMEA Data Partnerships for Watson Advertising.

Webster brings more than 20 years of expertise and experience in digital media and business development to the role, and will be based in London where he will lead the established team. Webster will work with customers, agencies and partners, enabling them to better understand consumers, reach audiences with precision, measure campaign effectiveness and build better customer experiences using Factual’s high-quality location data.

“Ross Webster’s experience leading data-driven partnerships with large European enterprises, combined with his depth of knowledge about media, advertising and the data required to power these industries, makes him the ideal person to lead Factual in EMEA as we bring our expanded products to market,” said Rob Jonas, Chief Revenue Officer, Factual. “Factual’s long-standing commitment to quality, respect and compliance, and our global partners and customers, position us perfectly to deliver the best, most reliable location-based products in Europe and beyond.”

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Factual is the location data company that helps marketers and their organizations use location to better understand, reach and engage consumers. Customers use Factual’s insights, targeting, measurement and data enrichment products to build and execute digital advertising strategies, understand audiences, measure success, and support innovative business solutions.

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