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Exponential Speed Increase of Enterprise Behavioral Analytics on Interana V3

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Interana, maker of advanced solutions for behavioral product analytics in the GDPR era, today announced an exponential increase in platform performance from ten (10) to fifty (50) times faster of Interana on Azure. Interana enables enterprises to get answers and insights from user behaviors in real-time while remaining GDPR compliant.

Interana’s full-stack, purpose-built solution empowers data analysts and product managers to analyze and improve the onboarding experience and feature utilization while maximizing customer lifetime value now and into the future.

“We are extremely proud of the speed increase and cost savings of Interana V3 running on Microsoft Azure,” said Bobby Johnson, founder, and CTO of Interana. “Interana V3 includes a full rewrite of the query engine, better data compression with fewer IOPS and better caching. As well as, optimized query structure for fewer scans and more pipelining, and disk read optimizations.”

Interana has partnered with Microsoft to offer a free POC to existing Azure customers and enterprises who wish to explore the power and flexibility of a true self-service behavioral analytics solution. With the Azure Sponsorship program and Interana’s proof of concept (POC) program, prospective customers can be up and running in days, at no additional cost to the enterprise.

“Existing customers of Interana 3.0 are recognizing better performance at a savings of up to 40%,” said Scott Leatherman, CMO at Interana. “In this case, the cost savings enables customers to keep all their data in one system and the performance allows them to process all their data in real-time. Typically, enterprises sacrifice one for the other but with Interana, Data Scientists or Product Managers can quickly and powerfully understand the micro-nuances in their macro data to better address their customers’ or the markets’ needs.”

Contact Interana to get up and running on V3 or for a free Behavioral Product Analytics POC.

About Interana

Based in Silicon Valley, and founded by the team that built the technology Facebook uses internally to understand the behavior of its 2 billion users, Interana provides the world’s most advanced enterprise platform for product analytics and behavioral analysis in a GDPR era. Used by companies such as Microsoft, Comcast, Uber, Sonos, Bleacher Report and many others, Interana V3 is the only solution that allows business users to analyze trillions of data points, iteratively and in real-time, to go beyond the static reports and dashboards of traditional BI and analytics tools, and surface business insights that would otherwise remain hidden. For more information, please visit us at, or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as @InteranaCorp.