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Coronavirus Cancels HIMSS Debut for Medic.Life Smart Toilet—But It Won’t Delay the Release for the Virus-detecting Bathroom Fixture

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The cancellation of the 2020 HIMSS conference over coronavirus concerns is also ending plans for Medic.Life ( to showcase its latest health-monitoring AI smart toilet at the event. However, the medical pioneer is still interested in sharing details and providing demonstrations of the Medic.Lav, which will be available to consumers and health care providers in the next two years.

The latest model of the Medic.Lav features a biosensor field-effect transistor or BioFET, which detects target molecules at very low concentrations, registering even one single particle or virus. The highly sensitive and versatile BioFET can identify thousands of biomarkers that indicate disease, infection or environmental exposure. For example, the sensor can measure concentrations of proteins, antigens as well as segments of DNA, RNA and microRNA.

“Current events—including the cancellation of HIMSS—highlight just how critical it is to monitor real-time results about our health,” said Chad Adams, Medic.Life president and CEO. “The Medic.Lav represents decades of research to ensure consumer interactions are easy, convenient and fit naturally into their daily ‘life flow.’”

Government and public health officials have a strong interest in detecting and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Virus markers are frequently found in urine, which will be automatically analyzed in the Medic.Lav. For example, the viral concentration of coronavirus in urine samples is comparable to amounts present in the nose and throat.

“Detecting viruses and other illnesses through urine sampling in public and private toilets will, in our opinion, become mandatory within five years,” added Adams. “Timely monitoring matters. Our goal is to help everyone become proactive rather than reactive with their health.”

Early adopters of this technology will most likely be retail outlets, clinics, senior care and assisted living centers, pharmaceutical and lab science facilities, and other health care providers.

The motion-activated Medic.Lav recognizes each user while gathering health metrics passively during each bathroom visit and uses AI to analyze and compare samples. Proprietary sensors provide information about the person’s weight, body fat, blood pressure as well as signs leading to diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and seven more major health risk areas.

The Medic app for the toilet allows individuals to access encrypted personal health trends and alerts on their smart phone, watch or computer. Users can also choose to securely deliver the same information to their family, doctor and other health care providers.


Medic.Life planned to exhibit the Medic.Lav at HIMSS Global Health Conference on March 9-13 in Orlando, Florida, at the Healthcare of the Future pavilion. The conference was canceled because organizers decided the risk of spreading the coronavirus was too great. Those who planned to attend HIMSS can still visit to get more information or arrange to see a demonstration of the Medic.Lav at the Medic.Life headquarters in Provo, Utah.

About Medic Life

Medic.Life is located in Provo, Utah, where all Medic product development and innovation takes place. The company is creating technology with the idea that “Prevention is better than a cure.” The Medic team started developing its toilet-based technology in 1999 and has more than 100 patents and patent applications related to improving health monitoring and preventable care. Medic.Life is a member of the Hall Labs portfolio of companies in the Provo Opportunity Zone, which has been named as one of the top three in the U.S. for tax-advantaged opportunities. For more information visit