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Cordata Announces Back-to-Work COVID Tracking System

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Healthcare innovations company Cordata announced today the release of its Back-to-Work (B2W) product offering. The purpose of this offering is to provide employers and organizations the ability to track COVID-19 status, protocols and safety measures.

The B2W tracking system frees key personnel from using tedious spreadsheets and instead leverages Cordata’s proven platform for the management of sensitive information in HIPAA- and ADA-compliant software.

Established in 2014, Cordata has created software solutions backed by its powerful configuration engine to help healthcare providers coordinate care for a wide range of medical specialties. The platform’s inherent flexibility has allowed it to be adapted for other use cases. For instance, today, Cordata’s platform is used by communities around the U.S. to track interventions and outreach to victims of the opioid crisis. With the B2W product, Cordata is extending usage once again to help manage through the COVID-19 crisis, get people back to work and return to interacting socially. B2W can be deployed in a short time frame, is easy-to-learn and scalable.

B2W provides:

  • Assessment and tracking of individuals’ COVID-19 status, protocols and safety measures, including on-location contact-tracing
  • Facilitation of communication to employees about testing or screening required to work in shared/communal facilities
  • Reinforcement of processes and safety through workflows
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Simple integrations with other systems

Given the dynamic nature of emerging COVID-19 protocols, the B2W software can be adjusted for new requirements easily without the need for code changes or new deployments.

President and CEO, Gary Winzenread states, “Cordata’s mission is to focus on people and improve results through healthcare technology solutions. Our innovations are uniquely positioned for this moment-in-time to support communities as they work to reopen and restart.”

About Cordata

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