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Computer Instruments Inc. (CI) Announces Integration Layer for AI and Advanced Speech APIs Making eONE IVR “Solution Ready” for Google Voice™

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Partner Meeting – Computer Instruments, Inc. (CI) – a seasoned
innovator and leading developer of Cloud and Premise based voice portal
solutions (IVR) for the contact center today announced an Integration
Layer for AI and Advanced Speech APIs (Application Programming
Interface) making eONE IVR (Interactive Voice Response) “Solution Ready”
for Google Voice™ in the Cloud and on Premise. Through eONE IVR and
Professional Services, CI offers industry specific and horizontal
applications for companies of any size, simplifying the contact center
interaction and enriching the customer self-service experience.

“By introducing a plug and play “API layer” that harnesses CI’s eONE IVR
platform we are taking the best of what we do today, opening it up to
all that Google has to offer and helping our customers succeed in
deploying next generation customer experiences,” said Chris Herring, CI
CEO. “Our goal is to energize the self-service conversation by making it
an even more intuitive digital customer interaction by extending the
availability of the Google features we all use on a daily basis.”

Current “Solution Ready” features include integration to the Google
Cloud Natural Language API, The Cloud Speech-to-Text API and the Cloud
Language Translation API. Our customers and partners can now take
advantage of the Google Voice API and CI’s professional services and
build a forward-thinking solution, augmenting all of the eONE
Applications in the CI portfolio. “The API layer architecture for
“Solution Ready” eONE IVR is game changing, for us, our partners and
customers. We all know that conversational speech is very exciting, but
equally exciting is how we can quickly design, deliver and deploy this
technology. The Integration Layer is giving CI the ability to be more
flexible and more nimble than ever before,” said Jason Springer, CI
Director of Sales.

About CI, Inc. (CI)

CI Inc., is a leading software IVR manufacturer, Inbound,
Outbound and Custom CTI Applications, IP Phone Applications, Screen Pop
Applications and mobility solutions for Cloud and Premise based contact
centers. Founded in 1979, CI is focused on delivering solutions that
will scale for clients of any size, reduce costs, increase profitability
and enhance overall customer satisfaction. With thousands of delighted
clients, CI offers complete end to end solutions that can be purchased
through our distributor or reseller network. CI is headquartered in
Mission, KS and is recognized worldwide for innovative business
applications and solutions, exceptional service and support and for more
information please call 888-451-0851 or visit
or your local distributor or reseller.

Google Voice™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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