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CMCC Global Partners with Certus One to Launch LOOM Validator

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CMCC Global, one of Asia’s first blockchain focused VCs, announces the
launch of a new validator on LOOM. This validator is the result of a
partnership between CMCC Global and Certus One, with CMCC Global being
the capital provider and Certus One the technology provider. The
validator, branded “Certus One | CMCC Global“, is now live
and accepting external delegation.

The launch of this validator demonstrates CMCC’s commitment to
supporting its portfolio companies. The validator will play an important
role in verifying transactions and contributing security to the LOOM
network. It will be a key piece of infrastructure for the platform which
enables scalable decentralized applications to be deployed on Ethereum,
EOS and Tron.

“LOOM has proved to be one of the few platforms with growing developer
interest, a clear path to adoption and a team that consistently deploys
upgrades and new initiatives. We are excited to contribute to the
ecosystem with this new partnership and validator,” said Charlie Morris,
co-founder of CMCC Global. “We are pleased to be partnering with Certus
One on this venture. Certus One has proved to be a leading technology
provider in the validator space after their winning performance on the
Cosmos Game of Stakes. The team’s in-depth understanding of Tendermint,
used by LOOM, is exceptional and we are thrilled to be working with the

“We are very excited to be partnering with a tech-savvy fund like CMCC,
who have a deep understanding of the nuances of Proof of Stake
technologies,” said Hendrik Hofstadt, CEO at Certus One. “In our
continued effort to provide value to the Proof of Stake ecosystem by
running the most secure and stable validation infrastructure, such
partnerships have proven to be invaluable.”

In a statement from Matthew Campbell, CEO of LOOM, he said “We are
excited to have CMCC Global and Certus One join forces to become the
latest PlasmaChain validator. Their commitment to the network brings
added security and further supports the credibility of our growing
ecosystem. Certus One is a leading validator, as shown by their
performance in the Cosmos Game of Stakes and their popularity on the
Cosmos network. CMCC Global brings a global reach, with their presence
in Asia and North America, and is one of the most tech savvy VC funds.
We are pleased to welcome this partnership to the Loom validator family.”

LOOM is a layer 2 scaling solution that is currently running on
Ethereum, EOS and TRON. The platform acts as a network of sidechains,
which allows for highly-scalable dapps to be deployed that are backed by
the security of a layer 1 protocol. There are many benefits of this
system including the ability to run faster dapps without scaling
constraints and the ability for dapps to enjoy gas-less transactions
with sub-second transaction times.

In order to operate the network of sidechains, LOOM needs a set of
validators to run nodes and verify transactions. The Certus One |
CMCC Global
validator is now one of largest of the 21 validators
securing and powering the network.

About CMCC Global

CMCC Global was founded in 2016 and is one of Asia’s first venture
capital funds focused solely on blockchain investments. Today it manages
three funds and has offices in Asia and North America. The CMCC team has
a mixture of deep technical and business experience.

CMCC Global believes that blockchain technology is bringing about the
next era of the Internet, which will facilitate the movement of value
rather than just information. The core thesis of the company is to
invest in the “core technical and social infrastructure” that will power
this new Internet of Value. CMCC believes that there will be regional
disparities in blockchain platforms and that the speed of adoption will
vary geographically. CMCC looks for teams with a clear path to adoption
and it leverages global relationships to help its portfolio companies
bridge the East-West divide.

About Certus One

Certus One is a premier validator for distributed ledger technology
(DLT). Leveraging cutting-edge enterprise architecture, Certus One paves
the way for validators by offering impenetrable, robust, and reliable
infrastructure for proof-of-stake blockchains as well as deep expertise
with the underlying protocols and technologies.

The team demonstrated their technology in the Cosmos Game of Stakes
where they competed with over 100 teams and placed first, and have set
the industry standard for blockchain validator architecture. Certus One
works closely with blockchain projects, funds, custodians, and
enterprises to provide turnkey staking solutions.