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Citrix Ushers in New Era of Employee Engagement and Productivity

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Let’s face it: today’s employee experience leaves a lot to be desired.
All around the world, people are frustrated and overwhelmed by the
multiple apps and technologies they need to use to get through their
day. And it’s killing productivity. Citrix
Systems, Inc.
(NASDAQ:CTXS) is out to change this. A year ago, the
company made work simpler and more organized with the launch of its digital
workspace solutions
. Today, it is making work smarter through
next-generation intelligence capabilities that allow companies to
deliver a unified and contextual experience across any device or network
that engages employees and enables them to perform at their best. The
enhancements were unveiled at Citrix
, the premier digital work conference taking place in
Atlanta this week.

“There’s a lot of noise in the workplace today that keeps us from doing
what we want and are paid to do,” said PJ Hough, Chief Product Officer,
Citrix. “At Citrix, our solutions are designed with one thing in mind:
eliminate distractions so that people can focus on work that matters and
do what they do best.”

Complexity Tamed

To do any job and do it well, you need the right tools. The problem is,
most of us have too many available to us and they’re too hard to find
and use.

“Employees today deal with as many as 11 different apps a day to get
their work done. And most of their functionality goes unused or makes
tasks more difficult as employees spend too much time — almost 10 hours
a week — searching for the information they need,” said Hough. “The
overload and complexity hinder employee experience and lead to low
levels of employee engagement. That must change.”

Through Citrix®
, companies can provide single sign on access to all the
apps and content employees prefer to use in one, unified experience,
including out-of-the-box integrations with more than 150 enterprise
applications such as Salesforce, Workday, SAP Ariba and SAP Concur,
ServiceNow, Microsoft Outlook and G Suite.

And planned integrations with the most widely used identity and access
management providers, including Okta, Ping, Radius, and GoogleID,
combined with Citrix Workspace security controls will enable them to
deliver these apps more securely than operating them natively.

A Smarter Approach

According to Forrester Research, Inc., “…Improving human performance at
work is the most important objective for workforce technology strategy
and employee motivation, customer experience and financial performance
depend on it.” (Transform The Employee Experience To Drive Business
Performance, Executive Overview: The Employee Experience Playbook,
February 12, 2018)

With the infusion of machine learning and simplified workflows in Citrix
Workspace, companies can transform the employee experience by not only
organizing work, but guiding and making it smarter.

Leveraging over 100 microapps pre-built for popular software services,
Citrix Workspace can automatically surface prioritized and relevant
tasks that allow employees to complete their work in fewer steps and
with greater efficiency.

Rather than sifting through their inbox, searching calendars or going
six clicks deep into an enterprise application to get things done,
employees can have prioritized actions and relevant insights
automatically delivered to their phone, tablet or PC so they can execute
work quickly and move on.

Work without Constraints

Most of us work from an average of four locations a day. We’re
constantly on the move – even on our devices where we switch between
email, documents, texts, tweets and instant messages about every two
minutes. The tools we use need to follow us and adapt to the
environments we’re in and the work we need to get done.

With Citrix Workspace, companies can provide a superior experience that
enables employees to work seamlessly across the channels and devices
they prefer. Through new integrations with some of the most commonly
used collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams and Slack, content
can be delivered to employees in one constant stream, eliminating the
need for them to switch context.

And through a virtual instance of the Citrix
appliance soon to be available in the Google
Cloud Marketplace
and increased integration of Citrix
with Google
Cloud Platform (GCP)
, Kubernetes, service mesh with Istio
architectures and open source CNCF tools, they can deliver a consistent
and reliable application experience to users regardless of where they
are located.

“We’re bringing the simplicity and utility we enjoy in our personal
lives to the workplace and shifting the focus of work from applications
that aggravate to actions that matter to engage the entire organization
and improve the employee experience,” said Hough.

Managed Desktops as a Service

Through a planned Desktop as a Service offering, Citrix, together with
its robust ecosystem of partners, will make it easier than ever for IT
to provide a unified, secure work environment in the cloud from which
employees can access their individual desktops and all the SaaS
applications, cloud services, fileshares, cloud-based office
applications and corporate resources they need to get work done
anywhere, anytime using any device. The company will initially enable
the delivery of desktops managed on Microsoft Azure.

Expanded Workspace Security

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be no thought. With
the deep understanding of user device and access behavior and
intelligent capabilities underlying Citrix
, companies can balance demands for flexibility and choice
with the need to maintain a secure environment and dynamically apply
security policies without getting in the way of the user experience. The
solution also provides full logging of security threats and automated
resolutions that can be monitored by security experts and exported to
other analytics platforms through planned integration with Splunk.

“At Saab, we believe that true collaboration leads to better solutions.
But we work every day with classified information. So while we need to
be open in one end, we need to be very closed in another to ensure data
integrity for those we serve,” said Mats Hultin, Group CIO, Saab. “With
Citrix, we can balance these needs and provide a secure and reliable way
for our teams to connect and work together to meet the needs of our
customers and give us a competitive edge.”

Malware Beware

As the list of SaaS, web and mobile apps running within the average
organization and devices used to access them continues to grow,
companies are increasingly vulnerable to system attacks and data theft.
To help defend against them, Citrix has enabled new capabilities that
protect apps and content delivered within its digital
workspace solutions
against a host of malware threats, including:

  • Keylogging
  • Screen capture/session videoing

The new capabilities provide endpoint and browser security for all
connections to Citrix®
Virtual Apps and Desktops
from both
personal and managed devices and protect all work completed in Citrix

“As the network perimeter fragments and the internet is darkened by
encryption, the endpoint becomes the penultimate control point for the
implementation of device, application, and data security. However,
endpoints, by their very nature, create a special challenge as
decentralization is not the friend of security. Specialized and
sophisticated tools thus become mainstream; vendors with innovative
offerings and segment-appropriate channel strategies are capitalizing,”
explains Frank Dickson, research vice president, IDC Security Products
and Identity and Access Management research practices.

A Superior Experience

More than half of all Web traffic is driven by BOTs that can negatively
impact user experience and slow business transactions. Through new
behavior-based BOT detection capabilities to be delivered within Citrix
ADC, including advanced device finger printing and signatures, companies
will be able to:

  • Mitigate attacks like password spraying, credential stuffing and
    content scrapping
  • Reduce revenue and data loss

And with planned enhancements to the Citrix
Analytics Machine Learning (ML) engine
, companies will be able to
uncover performance issues by monitoring network latency, easily
identify groups of users experiencing poor performance and take action
to improve their experience.

A Unified View

As hackers get more intelligent, so too must the solutions used to
combat them. With this in mind, Citrix has integrated risk indicators
and user and entity inventory from Microsoft’s
Graph Security API
into Citrix
. With the integration, security administrators now have a
unified threat intelligence view across their Citrix and Microsoft
solutions that will allow them to improve the breadth and accuracy of
signals and take actions to mitigate them across both portfolios.

A Better Way to Work

“Technology is an engine of innovation. But in many ways, it has stalled
and become a barrier to productivity and progress,” Hough said. “At
Citrix, our mission is to deliver the experience, security and choice
our customers need to spend less time managing technology and more time
harnessing it to deliver a compelling employee experience that
transforms business results.”

More than 400,000 organizations including 99 percent of the Fortune 100
and 98 percent of the Fortune 500 use Citrix solutions to power a better
way to work. Visit
to learn more about the company’s solutions and the value they can
deliver for your organization.

About Citrix

Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) is powering a better way to work with unified
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sacrificing security. With Citrix, users get a seamless work experience
and IT has a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse
technologies in complex cloud environments. Citrix solutions are in use
by more than 400,000 organizations including 99 percent of the Fortune
100 and 98 percent of the Fortune 500.

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