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Censinet Joins Third Party Risk Association to Help Healthcare Providers Mitigate Risk

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Censinet, the third-party risk management company for healthcare providers, today announced that it joined the Third Party Risk Association (TPRA), a non-profit professional association for third party risk practitioners and vendors. As part of this commitment, Censinet’s CEO and founder, Ed Gaudet, will present during TPRA’s 2019 Virtual Conference, “Third Party Risk Program Tools and Techniques,” which is taking place Wednesday, November 6, 2019 from 9:00am to 4:30pm CT.

“Now more than ever, third-party risk management is critical as malicious actors are increasingly sophisticated at accessing data through third parties,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and founder of Censinet. “This is especially true in the healthcare field, where personally identifiable information contained in medical records are a gold mine. As a result, the indirect and direct costs of third-party risk management for the healthcare industry averages $23.7 billion annually. There’s a true need for improvement and disruption in the space, of which the TPRA is at the forefront. Censinet looks forward to joining the TPRA community of like-minded third-party risk professionals and we are eager to contribute our expertise in the healthcare space to the community’s broader network.”


Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet




Discussion and demonstration of how Censinet is helping healthcare providers mitigate third-party risk.




Wednesday, November 6, 2019 from 1:50pm to 2:20pm CT




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About Censinet

Censinet provides the first and only third-party risk management platform built by and for healthcare providers to manage the threats to patient care that exist within an expanding ecosystem of vendors. With its unique Censinet One-click Assessment™ capabilities and Digital Vendor Catalog™, the Censinet Platform reduces the time to assess vendor risk from weeks to seconds, while automating inefficient workflows and providing continuous real-time insights into the changing risk profile of each vendor. Censinet is based in Boston, MA and can be found at