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Bonafide Medical Group Releases Outbreak Management Tool in Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Bonafide Medical Group announced today the release of its Outbreak Management Tool in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to assist in tracking and preventing infection outbreak within acute and post-acute facilities.

Bonafide’s Outbreak Management Tool will be added to the company’s existing Bac-Track software platform. This will allow facilities to make the invisible, visible by effectively tracking infections on a digital platform. In addition to its floorplan and tile feature, contamination analytics are displayed by facility, department, and room on an easy-to-use dashboard. The Outbreak Management Tool assists your facility to meet and exceed CMS and CDC guidelines and regulations, including CMS 483.80. This tool not only help you save lives and prevent infection outbreaks, but also reduce financial and administrative burdens.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the Bac-Track software with Bonafide’s Outbreak Management Tool will be more accessible for facilities to implement over the next 90 days. This offer is exclusively available for acute and post-acute facilities in order to reduce burdens while providing the means to prevent and manage outbreak and keep patients safe.

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“As humans, we fear the unknown. This is especially true in healthcare. It has been Bonafide’s mission to bring visibility to the invisible and eliminate the unknown with infection prevention tools in the acute and post-acute spaces,” stated Scott McDaniel, President and CCO of Bonafide. “It is crucial that facilities get in front of the problem and implement software and tools that improve infection tracking and prevention. We want our technology to be a valuable tool to combat the COVID-19 and other future threats to patients and those we know and care for.”

The Bac-Track software and Bonafide’s Outbreak Management Tool are critical parts of a greater infection prevention management system called IP4. IP4 is a comprehensive program that tests, treats, and tracks infections then trains your facility in these prevention measures.

The IP4 Program is a start-to-finish solution:

  1. Test: Bac-Track’s ATP system is one of the CDC’s approved measures for testing cleanliness on surfaces.
  2. Treat: After testing surfaces for cleanliness and the presence of hazardous germs and bacteria, EMist’s electrostatic disinfectant sprayer can be added to the program to be used to treat all contaminated surfaces to eliminate the risk of infectious diseases and viruses.
  3. Track: Bac-Track’s ATP system is seamlessly integrated and uploaded into Bonafide’s Outbreak Management Tool to track, manage, contain, and mitigate the risk of further outbreaks.
  4. Train: Bonafide includes interactive training for the Outbreak Management software, the Bac-Track ATP system and its implementation, and EMist’s disinfectant sprayer.

Once integrated, the IP4 Program provides comprehensive infection prevention capabilities on a single, easy-to-use dashboard dedicated to monitor one, or all, of your facilities.

To manage and prevent infection outbreak in your facilities and receive your Bac-Track platform and Outbreak Management Tool, visit

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