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bluBuzzard, Inc. Moving Forward with Its Phase One Online Digital Payments

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bluBuzzard, Inc. (OTC Pink: BZRD) (“bB” or “Company”) and CEO James Xilas are pleased to announce that bluBuzzard is making progress with its transition since purchasing Fast Lane Holdings, Inc. (previous OTC Pink: FLHI) last October of 2019.

bB is a fintech company using proprietary software developed in-house. The overall objective of bB is to build an interconnecting financial landscape of businesses that utilize its digital asset named buzCoin. buzCoin is a digitized ounce of silver. As such, buzCoin may serve as an alternative hedge against inflation, deflation, and fiat currency. Furthermore, buzCoin provides an opportunity for coin value appreciation. As silver appreciates, so does buzCoin.

Due to its intrinsic marketplace value, buzCoin becomes a viable choice for use in commercial and financial transactions. The relative stability of silver, combined with its potential for price growth, makes buzCoin an excellent choice for use as a payment source for goods and services.

Currently, bB is beta testing its software at The software allows for opening and managing an account, depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as buying buzCoins, selling buzCoins, and transferring buzCoins to other account holders. In order to test the software, bB is offering a free buzCoin to the first 5,000 individuals who open an account, test its desktop and mobile site, and then provide constructive feedback by completing the Survey.

With the aim of making buzCoin more than a payment platform, bB plans to increase buzCoin’s usability. As part of a second stage of development, bB intends on offering investment advisor services and an e-commerce classifieds marketplace that take advantage of buzCoin’s features.

bB is aware of the outdated, inaccurate, and incomplete information regarding the Company currently found on numerous financial and news outlet sites. bB is working on updating that information so that it accurately and correctly reflects the current status of the Company.

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