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Aviz Unveils Networking 3.0 Stack with Launch of GenAI-based Network Copilot

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Aviz Networks, the leader in Open, Cloud, and AI-first networks, continues to break barriers with its open network approach and today announced the completion of its Networking 3.0 Stack, a comprehensive suite including ONES for network operations, OPB for Packet Brokers, and the new GenAI-based conversational Network Copilot. With this stack Aviz offers comprehensive vendor agnostic solutions spanning Data Centers, Edge Networks, and AI Fabrics. The Networking 3.0 Stack features compatibility across multiple ASICs, switches, NOS, clouds, and LLMs, and empowers network owners with choice and control enabling dramatic cost savings.

Network Copilot can integrate into pre-existing data lakes or can generate its own data lake while keeping data ownership with customers. In its initial release, Network Copilot is available for on-premise and AWS deployments. Network Copilot leverages open source LLMs and enables customers to stay abreast of the latest developments in the Generative AI domain.

With Network Copilot, customers can pre-train models for their own network benchmarks, and allow continuous model training and fine-tuning with real-time data from their networks. This approach unlocks potential use cases such as improving network operations, ensuring compliance, optimizing capacity planning, and more. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to collaborate with the Aviz Prompt Engineering team to explore and develop new, as yet undeveloped use cases, pushing the boundaries of network management innovation.

“With the launch of Network Copilot we have delivered on our vision for enabling open, cloud and AI first networks using a data centric Networking 3.0 stack. Our products enable customers to standardize their NOS, NetOps, Network Data and AIOps layers, giving them the control they need to enable vendor choice while creating long term value,” said Vishal Shukla, CEO for Aviz Networks. “Network Copilot is designed to eliminate entry barriers for network professionals to integrate GenAI into their daily jobs. Network Copilot provides network architects, managers and executives with the ability to work with GenAI technology, laying the path for them to be future GenAI leaders.”

Analyst Perspective:

“GenAI-driven network management will be a key component to how system administrators manage their networks over the next several years. Insights from any cloud and on-prem network are enhanced through an open stack approach, such as what is now offered by Aviz with Network Copilot,” said Alan Weckel, co-founder and technology analyst for 650 Group. “Building a network stack that is consistent for functionality and integration across any type of ASIC and switch architecture will help drive customers to reach their multi-vendor goals.”

About Aviz Networks

Aviz offers Networking 3.0, a data-centric stack which is vendor agnostic and supports multiple ASICs, switches, NOS, clouds, LLMs, and integrates seamlessly with AI and security applications. It is designed for open-source networking and works with existing network infrastructures, ensuring a seamless transition. Aviz empowers customers to choose their solutions without vendor lock-in, offering an enterprise-grade experience across a multi-vendor ecosystem. Founded in 2021 with backing from prominent investors including Moment Ventures, Accton, Cisco Investments, Wistron, and key angel investors. Aviz is your partner in building open, cloud, and AI-first networks that prioritize choice, control, and cost savings.

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