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Applied Insight Receives Patent for Unique SHIFT Emulation Platform

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Applied Insight, a cloud technology leader serving federal government customers, announced today that the company was granted a patent for its award-winning SHIFT™cloud emulation platform. Uncleared and remote software developers use SHIFT to develop and test software destined for government clouds, including the secret and top-secret regions used for classified work.

“There is a great need for advanced software, particularly on classified missions, but developing applications for restricted cloud regions can be very challenging,” said Adam Gruber, CTO of Applied Insight. “Software that works well in a commercial cloud environment cannot run in government environments without significant adjustments because of the higher levels of security and access control. SHIFT gives developers a shortcut to understand and fix errors before the software is deployed.”

SHIFT provides a uniquely realistic experience of air-gapped regions that allows uncleared and remote developers to build and test software for sensitive and classified workloads. Its patented proprietary architecture performs deep application programming interface analysis and validation to identify errors and specify remediation. Once the software has been updated, developers can be confident it will perform as intended in the targeted cloud regions. Since the software is built on the “low side” and validated with SHIFT, government and industry customers save a significant amount of time and reduce the overall costs of development.

“There are not enough cleared developers to keep up with the demands of the national security mission,” added Gruber. “SHIFT helps our customers mitigate this issue by enabling uncleared personnel to develop software for these missions without needing to access classified environments or information. Now that so many developers are looking for remote work opportunities, there is an even greater need for the flexibility that SHIFT provides. It’s a win-win.”

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