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Animas Data Solutions Names Cathy Eddy to Advisory Board

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Animas Data Solutions, a developer of provider data governance and
management technology for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health
plans, today announced that it has appointed Cathy Eddy to its advisory
board. Eddy becomes the second prominent healthcare industry veteran
recently appointed to Animas’ board, joining former Blue Cross Blue
Shield of Arizona executive Matt Wandoloski, who was named a board
member last month.

Eddy is the founder and former president of the Health Plan Alliance, an
organization started by and for provider-sponsored health plans to help
its members be more competitive in their individual markets by sharing a
broad knowledge base, identifying performance improvement methods, and
collective purchasing. Formed in 1996 as the HMO Alliance, Eddy
developed the concept with the eight founding health plans, wrote the
business plan, raised the initial capital, and helped the Alliance grow
to 50 health plan members. She retired as president in April 2018, after
more than 22 years with the organization.

“We are thrilled that Cathy has accepted appointment to our board, given
her vast experience in governance, healthcare reform, and managed care
trends,” said Mark Fabiano, co-founder and CEO of Animas Data Solutions.
“As an expert on provider-sponsored plans and a strategic advisor to
numerous healthcare organizations, Cathy’s insights and industry
knowledge will prove invaluable as we look to establish ourselves as a
leading supplier of provider data governance and management solutions.”

Animas’ flagship technology platform, ProviderLenz, applies big data and
artificial intelligence disciplines to virtually eliminate demographic
errors from member-facing online provider directories. Furthermore, all
of the operational areas within a health plan that rely on accurate
provider data, such as risk analytics, quality management, shared
savings reconciliation, encounter reporting, claims administration, care
management, and network development, can now be certain they have the
most accurate information possible.

“Over the course of my career, both at the Health Plan Alliance and as a
strategic advisor, I’ve seen health plans struggle with many challenges
whose origins are linked to inaccurate provider data,” Eddy said. “As
such, I’m looking forward to working with the Animas team as they work
to solve this pervasive problem. I’m a big fan of innovation and
technology that can actually reduce the cost of healthcare
administration, thereby increasing the portion of our healthcare dollar
spent directly on patient care.”

Prior to founding Health Plan Alliance, Eddy served as vice president of
Clinical Affairs for VHA Inc. (now Vizient), where she had
responsibility for innovation screening, strategic planning and
marketing. In addition, she served as the health policy analyst for Ross
Perot’s 1992 presidential campaign.

Eddy earned an MBA in healthcare management and insurance from the
Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds a bachelor’s
degree in news/editorial journalism from Kent State University.

About Animas Data Solutions, LLC

Provider data management has been a fragmented undertaking, utilizing
multiple vendors engaged by various operational areas within a health
plan. This approach results in high data error rates, unnecessary costs,
lost revenue, and heavy administrative burden.

Animas Data Solutions is a privately held technology company that offers
full-service provider data curation, enrichment, management, and
governance to the Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial payer

ProviderLenz, the company’s flagship technology platform facing off
against the problem of continuously changing provider data, curates and
disseminates enriched provider data in real-time and behind-the-scenes
for ALL payer use cases based on a single ‘source of truth’ Master
Provider Index. This means that all operational processes within a
payer’s organization are always using the same and most up-to-date
provider data available. All this is achieved with a single vendor and
with no changes to a payer’s current IT infrastructure.

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