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ams Invites Austrian Homeless World Cup Players to Improve Their Life and Work Opportunities

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ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor
solutions, last week welcomed to its headquarters the members of both
the Austrian national squads participating in this year’s Homeless World
Cup tournament in Cardiff. As part of its sponsorship of the teams, via
Caritas Styria, the visit to ams headquarters included a factory tour
and a program of personal development and fun activities designed to
help improve the future life and work opportunities of the players.

Each of the 16 players – ladies team average age of 19, men’s team
average age of 25 – have personally experienced homelessness or social
exclusion. They also received a Mi fitness band from Xiaomi, which uses
ams sensors to count steps, monitor heart rate, and encourage healthy
movement – a useful tool as they continue their training regime.

In the evening, the group jointly attended the European Football
Championship Qualifier match between Austria and Slovenia, where the
players received the official send off to the Homeless World Cup from
Dr. Leo Windtner, the President of the Austrian Football Federation.
They were also excited to meet and talk to David Alaba, a regular member
of the Austrian National Football squad and Bayern Munich player.

An amazing 94% of players consistently say that the Homeless World Cup
has had a positive impact on their lives – something that ams and its
employees are committed to support through this sponsorship. After the
tournament, a large percentage of players improve their lives through
education, employment in social enterprises and other businesses,
substance abuse rehabilitation, and supported housing. The feeling of
belonging, challenge of working in a team, regaining a health-oriented
attitude towards life, self-esteem, experience of representing their
country, and last the experience of fun is a powerful combination to
change a person’s life.

Homeless World Cup national partners, such as Caritas Austria, integrate
football with other approaches locally to support the needs of homeless
people in their country.

‘Sensing is Life’ – a human connection
For ams, ‘Sensing is
Life’ and our passion is in creating sensor solutions that make devices
and technology smarter, safer, more environmentally friendly and easier
to use. We are shaping the world with sensor solutions, leading the way
in forging continuous connections between people and technology, and
envisioning a seamless experience between the two.

Among ams’ core values are a passion to win, engendering trust &
integrity, and imagining the impossible – all values which we share with
the Homeless World Cup cause.

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