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Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy Introduces Online Licensing Suite

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The Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy, in collaboration with Alabama Interactive, has launched a complete licensing suite to provide an all-in-one portal to Alabama applicants and licensees. The platform allows CPA applicants to create a profile, submit an application, register for the required exams, and if approved, renew that license as a fully licensed CPA the next year. The licensing suite is all online and designed to be accessed on all devices. Applicants, that then become licensees, only need to remember one set of credentials and will access the same system throughout their time being licensed in Alabama.

“We are thrilled to partner with Alabama Interactive again to provide an online solution that improves the licensing process for our licensees,” said Executive Director of the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy, Boyd Busby. “This application will streamline the application process and allow the Board to regain hours of productivity.”

Creating an all-encompassing suite of services for the Board’s licensing process not only improves the user experience, but also creates additional Board efficiency. Eliminating paper form submissions improves organization and processing times. The system is designed to manage an applicant’s progress when applying to become a CPA and provides a “progress report” of each required item that is still outstanding.

Key platform features include:

  • Each user is presented with a tailored landing page that displays actions and requirements based on that user’s license status. Users can utilize this landing page to update their contact information on file with the board as well as view their application status or renewal progress.
  • The backend reporting system for the board includes multiple approval queues for each licensee type. The system assigns a lifetime ID number upon board approval to create a seamless experience for the board and the user.

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