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AiRXOS Receives Nationwide Approval for Multiple Unmanned Aircraft Operations; Launches Inspection Solutions for Energy with Air MobilityTM Ecosystem Partner, Measure

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AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, announces that it has received a unique and
industry-progressive FAA Part 107.35 waiver for multiple unmanned
aircraft operations (Multi-UA). AiRXOS’ Multi-UA waiver uniquely allows
operators to simultaneously fly any type of small unmanned aircraft at
any Part 107 location nationwide, provided they meet AiRXOS’
FAA-approved checklist of aircraft and location criteria.

Previous Multi-UA waivers limited the operation to a specific aircraft
type at a specific location. With the advancement of AiRXOS’ Multi-UA
nationwide waiver and pre-approved safety criteria, customers using
AiRXOS services are assured that the FAA’s performance requirements for
safety, pilot human factors, and equipage are fully met. For Multi-UA
operations beyond nationwide Part 107 locations, additional airspace
waivers and authorizations can be applied for leveraging AiRXOS’
verified criteria. Choosing AiRXOS provides organizations with more
precision and confidence in submitting for Multi-UA operations.

Introducing Asset Inspection Solution for Energy with Air MobilityTM
Ecosystem partner, Measure

Advanced operations like Multi-UA and Beyond Visual Line of Sight
(BVLOS) are well-suited to inspection operations as they produce greater
efficiency and safety, while enabling faster and better asset decision
making. AiRXOS in partnership with Air Mobility Ecosystem partner,
Measure, a leader in aerial intelligence, will together provide a new,
holistic inspection solution for the energy industry to meet the demand
for advanced, cost-efficient, safe, and scalable energy inspections.

The new offering connects AIRXOS’ Air Mobility Approval Services, a
lifecycle consulting service that helps organizations and independent
operators conquer the complexity of UV waivers with Measure’s aerial
intelligence solutions. The partnership with Measure stems from AiRXOS
Air Mobility Ecosystem which brings together innovators in Urban Air

Energy inspections are complex, data driven operations that demand
better efficiencies, greater data intelligence, and integrated
solutions. In October 2018, AiRXOS helped Avitas Systems, a GE venture,
develop the processes, procedures and training enabling Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) approval to fly an unmanned aerial system (UAS)
BVLOS in Loving County, Texas, a 22.5 square mile area owned by the
Shell Oil Company. Using BVLOS, customers have scaled well inspections
5X, with a 40% savings target over time. Conducting multiple operations
simultaneously increases the geographic footprint of pipeline
monitoring, or flare stack inspections, while extracting more data in
less time.

“The intent of Measure and AiRXOS joining forces is to solve a customer
problem we hear repeatedly – that advanced operations like BVLOS and
Multi-UA operations are critical enablers for scaling inspection
operations,” said Ken Stewart, CEO, AiRXOS. “We’re excited to welcome
Measure as an Air Mobility Ecosystem partner. Combined, we are an
industry powerhouse solution – two best-of-breed solutions that will
help energy organizations truly realize the full potential from their
aerial inspections.”

“The partnership with AiRXOS extends Measure’s long history of being at
the cutting edge of commercial drone operations,” said Brandon Torres
Declet, CEO and Co-Founder of Measure. “By combining Measure’s proven
expertise in drone operations and data analysis with AiRXOS’ exemplary
track record in advanced waiver approvals, we will be able to provide
safe, compliant, and effective solutions that maximize the benefits of
deploying drones across energy operations.”

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