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Ahead Financials Integrates FinHealthCheck to Help Customers Understand their Financial Health Needs

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Today, Ahead Financials, a visionary fintech company at the forefront of defining and improving financial equity and inclusion, announced that the Financial Health Network’s FinHealthCheck insights and measurement platform has been integrated into Ahead’s digital banking platform.

“Many Americans will feel the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic for years to come and are in need of innovative tools to improve their financial resilience and ability to thrive long-term. Access is especially crucial for the low- to moderate-income population and people of color, who have historically been underserved by traditional banks and are disproportionately financially challenged,” said Anu Shultes, CEO and founder of Ahead Financials. “Ahead aims to provide universal access to innovative banking services coupled with financial education tools for anyone who has felt underserved by the banking system. For many customers, the ability to use a visionary tool like FinHealthCheck to better understand their spending, saving, borrowing and planning habits, will be a critical first step on their journey to a more secure financial future.”

With the implementation of FinHealthCheck, Ahead leverages Financial Health Network’s expertise and methodology for measuring, analyzing, benchmarking, and advising on financial health. Armed with these building blocks, Ahead is able to quickly understand the financial health needs of customers, learn what actions to take and is able to track their impact over time and ultimately help raise up the emerging middle class.

“With more than two-thirds of Americans not financially healthy, organizations need tools to measure and understand the challenges customers are facing so they can help them be more financially resilient,” said John Thompson, head of FinHealthCheck for the Financial Health Network. “We’re excited that Ahead Financials is using the FinHealthCheck to collect financial insights about their customer’s spending, saving, planning, and borrowing.”

Ahead Financials through its parent company, LendUp Global, has been a member of Financial Health Network’s advisory council since 2016, working closely with Financial Health Network’s product development team to review features, specifications and priorities and to provide feedback on prototypes of FinHealthCheck.

About Ahead Financials

Ahead Financials, a universally inclusive digital banking and financial health platform, is a subsidiary of LendUp Global, the company that pioneered gamified financial education and alternative credit scoring to help the more than 150 million Americans rebuilding their credit get on a path to better financial health through access to financial education and responsible credit solutions. Ahead aims to ensure no one is excluded from the cornerstones of financial wellbeing: the ability to plan, save, spend, borrow and learn good financial habits. To learn more and sign-up at, visit, and follow us on Instagram @Ahead_Money and Twitter @Ahead_Money.