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How Do Phones Go Green?

You can improve the manufacture of phones – and then there’s the problems of chargers and recycling

Mac Share Goes Down – Again

We asked – could the recession help the Mac against the PC? The answer is no. Price pressure and the recession took their toll

Will Mac Sales Go Up?

In March, Gartner released a heart-stopping new PC forecast warning of record declines this year, but what about Apple?

Mac Enters Enterprise by Back Door

Business Mac deployments hit a 5 percent adoption ceiling last year, but they’re bouncing down, according to a new report by Forrester Research. Earlier Forrester research put business Mac adoption as high as 5 percent, in May 2008, up from 3.6 percent in October 2007. A recent survey of 962 IT decision-makers from businesses in Europe and North America notches adoption down to 3 percent.

Apple Plugs Security Holes in QuickTime

Apple updates QuickTime, fixing a number of remote code execution flaws. One security researcher expects malware writers to launch exploits via drive-by attacks.

Is There Life After iPhone?

So far, the answer is yes. I don’t need no stinkin’ App Store. In mid December, I bought a Nokia N96 cell phone from Amazon, and I’m simply in love. While there’s no touchscreen and some usability deficiencies compared to iPhone 3G, the N96 is good enough where the mobile compares and otherwise beats the Apple smartphone.