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RFID Puts Us All at Risk

I've never really thought of myself as much of a seer, prognosticator or predictor of the future, but based on a column I wrote back in 2005, I may just have a future in the prediction field.

Microsoft Changes Windows 7 UAC

Microsoft has agreed that Windows 7 will generate a prompt if there is an attempt to change the user account control settings - in response to pressure from bloggers who claimed the planned OS was vulnerable.

Where Does Malware Come From?

Anti-virus vendors are getting more than 50,000 submissions of new malware per day now. How can the malware business be so productive? It turns out the numbers aren't really as big as all that.

Google Privacy Exec Facing Criminal Charges

Italian officials charge Google Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer with criminal charges of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data two years after Google posted a video depicting fellow students harassing a s ...

New ‘Hacktivism’ Highlights Growing Problem

We all saw what the concentrated efforts of a group of politically minded hackers could accomplish in 2007 when Russian attackers took a wide swath of Estonian Web sites offline in response to perceived affronts against the Russian nat ...

Google Search Engine Sends False Security Warnings

A human error caused Google users to received bogus security warning messages for many of the searches the performed for nearly an hour the morning of the 31st January. During that period users received erroneous warnings that their se ...

Retailer Wireless Devices Largely Unprotected

A new survey shows 44 percent of the wireless devices used by retailers are vulnerable to attacks by data thieves. And that's the good news. A year ago, the same Motorola survey showed 85 percent of retailers were sitting targets for d ...

Websense Buys Spam Protection for Social Web Sites

Websense has acquired Defensio, a spam filtering service designed to protect blogs, social networks and other Web 2.0 sites. According to Websense, the move is in response to the growing amount of spam and malicious content on social W ...

Microsoft Goes After Clickjacking in IE8

Microsoft has introduced a release client version of its latest browser, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), and the new iteration of the application includes several security improvements, including a noteworthy attempt to address the emerging ...

Conficker USB Worm Spreading Quickly

Security researchers are reporting that the Conficker worm virus, which preys on a recently reported vulnerability (MS08-067) in the Microsoft Windows server service, is spreading rapidly even as we speak.

Whois Abuse Still Out of Control

It's still easy to try to steal an identity with false whois information. There are rules against it and ICANN pretends to enforce them, but I personally know that it doesn't really happen.

How to Protect Data During a Virtual Migration

Server virtualization has become a popular trend in enterprise IT. When migrating from a physical to a virtual environment, IT professionals need to ensure that their company's data is protected, current and readily available.

SSL Crack Shows You Must Advance Your Security

The successful creation of a rogue certificate authority by security researchers using a colliding certificates attack demonstrates that if you're not moving forward with your security-related standards then you're moving backward. Eve ...