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eBay Settles Skype Lawsuit

eBay settles lawsuits with Joltid and Joost in a £1.13b deal that gives Skype ownership over all software previously licensed from Joltid

Broadband In Kenya: Small Steps For Big Rewards

The first broadband centre opened in Kenya earlier this year, but what effect will faster internet access have on a largely agricultural community, and how has the service been received so far?

Why Apple Must Embrace Google Voice This Time

In order to make amends for legions of iPhone users upset at the first rejection, Apple needs to take advantage of this second opportunity with the Google Voice app and accept that new app with open arms

Apple Bans Google Voice Apps From iPhone

Apple shuts the door on all Google Voice applications, including third-party applications that support search engine giant Google's VOIP and telephony product, which is rolling out to more users

How to Ensure a Successful VoIP System Implementation

Some enterprise VoIP systems are all but unusable from the time they are implemented because nobody took the time to properly profile the existing network. Before implementing a VoIP system, take into account these five critical steps ...