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Fault Tolerance (Re)Discovered

Fault tolerant virtualisation technologies can be hardware or software based but they don't necessarily offer the same level of protection for business-critical processes.

Why The Mainframe Will Never Die

Users need support in ever more demanding workloads, greening strategies and cloud computing models, which guarantees the mainframe's continuing relevance, says Anne Altman

IT Is Key To Climate Change Control

BT and Marks & Spencer and other users are looking to IT for solutions, according to a conference on the commercial risks of climate change

Green IT Is Mainstream: Now Comes The Hard Part

The move to greener IT is unstoppable - even in a recession. But IT departments have a tough job getting their message with the other 90 percent of the company, says Forrester's Chris Mines.

How To Run An Efficient Data Centre

The technology to make data centres more efficient is well-proven - but it's only implemented on a minority of data centre servers. Our new practical How To Guide will help you cut costs

Sun, Do You Have A Plan B?

As its deal with IBM evaporates, Sun needs a backup plan. Chris Preimesberger thinks there might be another deal on the table - from HP and Oracle, or maybe from Cisco