IoT Gains Traction With 80 Percent Of TechWeek Readers

Four-fifths are connected to the IoT or plan to be, but home adoption is greater than work according to our most recent poll

Forty-five percent of TechWeekEurope readers are connected to the Internet of Things, according to our latest poll, which suggests M2M applications and services are gaining traction at home and in the workplace.

In total, four fifths of respondents claim they either use such services or have plans to do so, with home use outpacing the office.

A fifth said they used the IoT at both home and work, while 15 percent revealed they live in a connected home. However just one in ten are using M2M apps in the workplace.

TWE IoT Poll

IoT adoption

Similarly among those who plan to adopt the technology in the near future, it is the home that takes precedence with 14.4 percent, while 13.8 percent said they had plans for both. Just 5.7 percent of respondents are planning for a connected workplace.

Slightly over twenty-one percent are neither adopters nor have any plans in place, but analysts and vendors expect the IoT to take off in the coming years. Gartner predicts there will be 6.4 billion M2M connections by the end of next year, with as many as 5.5 million devices connected every day.

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