Intel – The IoT Is Bringing On ‘A New Age’ Of IT


IoT will herald “the third wave of computing” says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing on a ‘new age’ of a smart and connected world for all of us to live in, Intel has said.

Speaking at the company’s IoT Insights event in San Francisco, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich heralded the IoT as bringing on “the third wave of computing”, marking the transition between having humans enter data to the cloud, replacing them with machines, creating an explosion of information.

“To me, IoT is just a phrase – but these devices are going to become part of our lives and make our lives better,” Krzanich said, “we have entered a new age where the world has become smart and connected”


intel iot brian krzanichKrzanich went on to highlight the work Intel is doing to help facilitate these developments through its Intel IoT Platform. First launched in December 2014, Intel’s suite helped organisations that were looking to move wholesale to the IoT, allowing easier ways to test, deploy and secure devices.

And the company is now looking to build on this with the launch of the second reference architecture for the Intel IoT Platform, which Krzanich says will help develop and create smarter, more intelligent connected devices than ever before.

The launch includes a new family of Intel Quark SE SoC processors, offer an integrated sensor hub as well as pattern matching technology to deliver real-time insights from complex sensor data. Available from the first half of next year, the new silicon provide a low-power, high-reliability building block for smarter things that Krzanich says will go beyond wearable devices.

Also included is a free cloud-focused Wind River operating system which Intel says will operating system will help manufacturers and developers quickly and easily develop and deploy IoT applications and devices, with the ability to start building applications in 10 minutes.

And in order to understand the data generated by these new apps, Intel is also offering its Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) to quickly analyse and manage data as part of an end-to-end offering.

“The IoT, in small but significant ways, can help us live healthier, more secure lives…it is bridging the digital and physical worlds,” Krzanich said.

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