Fujitsu And Microsoft Team Up For The Internet Of Vegetables

fujitsu cabbage2

Internet of Things collaboration helps produce super-healthy and tasty lettuce for all

We’ve all heard about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to transform the ways in which we work, travel and consumer entertainment, but what about the food we eat?

Keeping track and analysis on food manufacturing methods using IoT and M2M technologies could allow for more in-depth monitoring than ever before, producing better quality and more nutrirtous goods than ever before.

That’s the story from Fujitsu and Microsoft, who have teamed up to produce some of the best lettuce known to man.

fujitsu cabbageEat your greens

The new leap forward comes from Fujitsu’s own in-house Akisai Plant Factory,a large-scale facility that integrates cutting-edge agricultural techniques with state-of-the-art manufacturing and information and communication technologies, such as the Fujitsu Akisai agricultural cloud.

Here, Fujitsu is using a portion of its clean room areas to produce lettuce that is both delicious and low in potassium so it can be consumed by dialysis patients and people with chronic kidney disease.

To do this, Fujitsu is deploying its own Eco-Management Dashboard IoT/M2M service, alongside Microsoft cloud services and Windows tablets in a way that could enable managers, engineers and scientists to improve product quality, streamline systems and enhance functionality while reducing costs.

This allows for the breeding and growth of even higher-quality products, enhanced functionality and greater productivity.

“Leveraging the Fujitsu Eco-Management Dashboard solution alongside Microsoft Azure and the Fujitsu IoT/M2M platform, we are able to deliver real-time visualization of the engineering process for big data analytics to improve the entire production process and inform decision-making,” said Hiroyuki Sakai, corporate executive officer, executive vice president, head of global marketing at Fujitsu Limited.

“We are proud to partner with Fujitsu to enable the next generation of manufacturing business models and services enabled by IoT along with advanced analytics capabilities like machine learning,” said Sanjay Ravi, managing director, discrete manufacturing industry at Microsoft. “Fujitsu’s innovation will drive new levels of operational excellence and accelerate the pace of digital business transformation in manufacturing.”

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