AT&T Uses IoT To Keep Your Red Bull Cool And Connected


Connected coolers will provide real-time access to performance, information stats and geo-location data

New applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) seem to be discovered almost on a daily basis and today’s innovation is centred around keeping your drinks cold and refreshing.

AT&T is connecting up to one million Red Bull branded beverage coolers around the world, using its IoT platform to track and manage the global supply and demand of coolers.

Technologists and developers at the AT&T Foundry, centres that focus on developing technology innovations, have been working with Red Bull and its partners to create the global end-to-end for customers platform.

Red Bull

Connected drinks

The data collected from the platform will help to keep beverages cold and ready for shoppers to consume and identify issues with the coolers as, or even before, they appear.

This data means maintenance workers will no longer need to manually check the status of each individual unit, as precise information will give real-time access to performance, information stats and geo-location data.

Shopper insight from door activity will also be located. Each time a connected Red Bull cooler door opens and closes, an embedded monitor collects data and on regular intervals sends the data via the AT&T Global SIM to the AT&T Control Center and AT&T IoT Platform, which process the data.

“Our end-to-end solutions support the near real-time monitoring and analysing of the global beverage market,” said Thaddeus Arroyo, chief executive of business solutions and international at AT&T Inc.

“This is another great example of collaboration and innovation to create real value for our customers. It streamlines the processes, creates visibility and improves operations, helping drive significant cost savings and return on investment.”

The Internet of Things trend is continuing to gather momentum in a range of industries, despite widespread concerns over below-par security practices which are leaving consumers and enterprises vulnerable to hackers.

The likes of BT and Microsoft are all actively on the hunt for the next big innovations in the sector, as the race to lead the IoT revolution rolls on.

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