EE Expands Roaming Options And Introduces Travel Data Pass

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EE looks to challenge Three in the European roaming stakes

EE has replaced its Euro Data Pass European roaming service with Travel Data Pass, a service offering mobile broadband access while abroad below the normal steep rates charged by operators.

The new mobile data option expands beyond European countries and into popular tourist destinations such as the USA, Canada, Thailand and Australia.

The service looks to bring some competition against Three’s ‘Feel at Home’ option, which gives its customers the option to use their data, messaging and voice services at the same rate as they would pay in the UK when they are abroad in on of 42 qualifying destinations.

EE Travel Data Pass

AeroplaneFor £3 a day, EE customers with the Travel Data Pass can have access to 500MB of data each day across Europe, with £4 a day buying 500MBof mobile broadband actions in the US and Canada, and £5 a day offering the same amount of data in  Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, India, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa and China.

Even at £3 a day, 500MB of data allowance might not seem like much at all. However, the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots, despite security concerns, means that most people are never too far away from free access to the internet. SO the service would appear to be a boon for frequent flyers for business, where having access to mobile internet on the go, where Wi-Fi delivery is not always ideal, could see the difference between then relying to an urgent email whereby the company’s decisions determines success or failure.

EE customers can also purchase ‘add-ons’ for their mobile plan which offers a veritable plethora of data roaming options, ranging from a steep £5 for a day’s access to 5MB, to £5 for 20MB.

“Current users of the Euro Data Pass will be automatically transferred over to Travel Data Pass and enjoy these new benefits when they next travel to any of the listed countries,” said EE.

“To opt-in to Travel Data Pass benefits, EE customers should simply text the word TRAVEL to 150 using their phone and they will automatically be enrolled for the duration of their contract. There is no need to remove it upon return to the UK and users will only be charged on the days they use mobile data abroad in an included country.”

EE new roaming options could be seen as an attempt to win back favour after problems with its network blighted the ability for its customers to make calls, send texts and access data abroad.

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