Cisco Creates New Platform To ‘Simplify’ IoT


Cisco organises IoT platform around six pillars, promising to provide comprehensive architecutre to simplify M2M

Cisco plans to make it easier for businesses to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and manage deployments with its ‘IoT System’, a new umbrella banner for its M2M portfolio of products and applications.

IoT system is organised around six ‘pillars’ – security, data analytics, network, management and automation, application enablement and fog computing (the processing of data on the edge of the network for immediate analysis) – and when combined, Cisco says provide a comprehensive architecture for IoT.

The company claims this reorganisation, as well as the launch of 15 new products across all six categories, will make it easier and quicker to gain insights from data created across the network, with provisions for custom applications.

Cisco IoT system

IoT washing machineOn the networking side, Cisco has announced new switches, routers, gateways and modules for industries and smart cities, as well as wireless access points for mass transit systems and city Wi-Fi. New cameras and applications that can monitor audio, video, data, sensors and other feeds to boost security will also be launched, as well new management and analytic tools.

Fog Data services that allow admins to monitor and take actions on data in motion, while Fog Director allows for applications running on the edge of the network, providing operators with more control and visibility in large scale IoT deployments.

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The Californian firm says the releases will serve customers across a range of industries, including manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, public safety and the public sector, noting GE and Toshiba are among those using Fog Data tools already.

“The Cisco IoT System provides a comprehensive set of IoT technologies and products that simplify and accelerate the deployment of infrastructure for the Internet of Things,” said Kip Compton, general manager of Cisco’s system and software group. “This unique systems approach delivers a framework that makes it possible to deploy, accelerate and innovate with IoT.”

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