Vodafone Touts Fixed Access Network Sharing As Path To Innovative Business Network Services

Vodafone wants to use virtualisation technology to make fixed network services easier to customise

Vodafone believes Fixed Access Network Slicing (FANS) could allow for more innovative services from partners following a successful trial in Ireland with Huawei. 

FANS is a network virtualisation technology that effectively partitions physical fixed networks into multiple virtual networks. 

For the trial, Vodafone used one partition for its consumer broadband and television services and another for its enterprise services. The tech could also be used in the future to separate mobile backhaul from other services. 


Vodafone FANS 

The development is significant, the partners claim, because it means partners can make alterations to their services with little or no intervention required from the operator. This, Vodafone argues, will make its network more attractive and make network virtualisation more similar to cloud computing. 

Given Vodafone’s investments in fixed technology across Europe, most recently the UK, the prospect of FANS is an enticing one. 

“Vodafone has deployed several FTTH networks around the world and many of these are with partners,” explained Matt Beal, Director of Strategy & Architecture at Vodafone Group Technology.  

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“Virtualization of the fixed access network will help us build and fill FTTH networks in a more cost-effective way that takes advantage of new operating models where both Vodafone and its deployment partners are able to differentiate their services over the shared fibre infrastructure.”  

“The solution can provide independent operation and maintenance management for multi-services bearing, and it can help to improve equipment efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs and achieve business success,” added Jeff Wang, President of Huawei Access Network. 

Earlier this week, Vodafone revealed Milton Keynes would be the first location in the UK to benefit from its fibre partnership with CityFibre. 

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