Twitter Rolls Out Free WiFi At London’s St Pancras Train Station

Travellers at London’s St Pancras International can access free WiFi through their Twitter accounts

Twitter is now offering free WiFi at St Pancras International railway station in London, through a partnership with service provider Wifi Metropolis.

From this week, St Pancras station’s 48 million annual travellers, many en route to Europe via the Eurostar, will have access to four hours of free, uninterrupted WiFi.

Though St Pancras already offers free WiFi to users, the service is capped at ten minutes, after which travellers have to register for an account.

Twitter accounts

Twitter is boasting its service provides faster connections that the one St Pancras already has in place, with users able to connect directly though their Twitter accounts.

Twitter UK managing director, Dara Nasr, said: “We’re always looking at ways we can make life easier and more beneficial for our users and also we know how important WiFi is to both travellers and commuters. I’m delighted anyone with a Twitter account will get access to faster and unlimited WiFi when they’re at St Pancras.”

Eurostar 1The strategy is part of a wider push at Twitter to sign up more users. In February, Twitter reported its first quarter with no user growth since it went public.

As of Twitter’s last quarter, the social network had around 320 million average monthly active users. Facing a slowdown in growth, CEO Jack Dorsey has pushed hard to make Twitter more attractive to new users. This includes redesigns to Twitter user feeds, and giving advertisers more opportunities to promote their tweets.

Last December, Twitter also sponsored free WiFi in two Canadian subway train stations for Twitter users. In February, Twitter trialled a month-long free WiFi service in Barcelona’s El Prat airport.

Wendy Spinks, the commercial director of London’s HS1 rail initiative, said: “Thanks to a new partnership agreement between St Pancras International and Twitter, you can now log on to the free WIFI in the station direct from your Twitter account. The station Wifi system was upgraded in the last 18 months and since then the number of daily users has increased 6x. St. Pancras Free WiFi lets users download their movies in minutes and upload pictures in seconds”

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