Is Xiaomi Launching A Waterproof Smartphone?


Or could it be a smart water bottle instead?

Xiaomi could be set for another brave move into the mobile business with the rumoured launch of a waterproof smartphone.

The Chinese manufacturer published an event invite on Weibo last night featuring water-themed graphics and text (pictured below), strengthening speculation a waterproof device could be on the cards.

The event on June 10 could even be the launch of the company’s next flagship device, the Mi 5, or alternatively could mark Xiaomi’s next move into the Internet of Things health market with a smart water bottle or water purifier, according to a report from GSMArena.

Ready for the beach?

xiaomi waterXiaomi has grown rapidly since its formation in 2010 to become the leading smartphone maker in China, beating even the likes of Apple and Samsung thanks to an extensive range of mid and low-range devices.

Waterproof capabilities are becoming an increasingly popular feature for many new devices as more and more users want to take their smartphones everywhere they go.

Sony’s Xperia devices played a major part in popularising the feature, famously launching an advertising campaign featuring its phones being used in a swimming pool.

However the company has signalled that it is looking to expand its reach and last month announced the Mi 4i, the first Xiaomi smartphone to go on sale outside of China. Also this year, the firm has unveiled  two flagship ‘phablet’ devices, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, aimed at taking on Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets.

Xiaomi has announced the launch of several new online stores, including its first in the UK, with new versions of the marketplace now live inside the US, France and Germany.

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