Need A Top Up? Vodafone Launches Quick Scan PAYG Scheme

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Vodafone PAYG customers can now top up in seconds thanks to PowaTag’s mobile app

Vodafone customers that still rely on Pay As You Go (PAYG) top-ups to use their mobile devices will now be able to top up faster than ever before thanks to a new partnership with Powa Technologies.

The operator has announced it will now be using the latter’s Powa Tag platform to allow their customer to top up simply by scanning a specialised tag.

These tags can be included in magazine adverts, catalogues, posters and even product packaging, meaning PAYG customers should never be caught short in need of credit.

Quick scan

touch screen smartphoneThe new service will be available for Vodafone customers to use in the company’s 500+ retail stores  as well as other retailers including Argos, Brighthouse, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, JD Williams and Wilkinsons stores.

“Our customers have told us they wanted a tool that allowed them to Top Up swiftly at their leisure at a time which is convenient and which suits their schedule,” said Cindy Rose, consumer director at Vodafone UK.  “Our Pay As You Go plans offer great value and which are affordable and flexible: with this TopUp addition we are making Vodafone the network our customers can depend on.  ”

In order to use the app, Vodafone customers simply need to download the app, scan the PowaTag, and choose their TopUp value. Users only have to enter their personal information and card details once and can also receive automatic email receipts.

“With 46 million people expected to use smartphones by 2018 in the UK….this is perfect timing for us to team up with Vodafone,” said Powa Technologies CEO and founder Dan Wagner.

“We created PowaTag to give people a universal solution to complete everyday transactions quickly and efficiently – it allows them to do anything from topping up their mobile phone, purchasing a handbag, or donating to charity, while turning almost any medium into virtual shop fronts.”

The launch will greatly simplify topping up for PAYG customers, many of whom still rely on scratch-off cards containing a unique code for their credit. This follows analyst findings from Strand Consult earlier this year which reported that operators should immediately discard this method for online or app-based alternatives.

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