Vertu’s Latest Bentley Smartphone Costs £14,500

IN PICTURES: Luxury smartphone maker reveals second release from exclusive five year Bentley partnership

Vertu has expanded its luxury smartphone range with the £14,500 Vertu Signature for Bentley, inspired by the luxury car manufacturer’s top of the range Bentley Mulsanne Speed vehicle.

It is the second handset produced as part of a five-year deal between Vertu and the iconic British motoring brand following the release of its first device last October.


Vertu Signature for Bentley_High Re_002Inspired by its four-wheeled Mulsanne brother, the Vertu Signature for Bentley is hand-crafted from carbon fibre, stainless steel, and features the same leather used to make the car’s seat covers for its case.

The device, which weighs just 167g thanks to its slim build (just 42mm wide), can be customised to match the user’s own Bentley. Vertu says 2,300 customisation options are available thanks to a mix of leather and stitching combinations.

As for the phone, it features a two inch high resolution QVGA LCD display which supports up to 16 million colours and is protected by sapphire crystal, 4GB internal memory and a 1050 mAh battery.

Signature Bentley Buyers also gain one year complimentary access to Vertu’s Concierge service, where a dedicated Lifestyle manager will provide expert assistance designed to meet your every need, 24/7.  The Vertu Concierge service is accessed via the dedicated Vertu Key – a ruby button on the side of the handset and is accessible via voice or email from anywhere in the world.

The Vertu Signature for Bentley will launch officially on September 18, with pre-orders opening today. However, it will also be on display at selection of the biggest events of the summer, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.

Established by Nokia in 1998, Vertu has produced some of the most expensive phones in the world, with each device handmade at its factory in Hampshire.

Its phones can only be purchased from 500 retailers, including 70 of its own boutiques, but there are believed be more than 300,000 Vertu owners around the world. Nokia sold Vertu to a Swedish private equity firm in 2012 in a transaction believed to be worth around £162.5 million.

Recent handsets by the company include the original £10,700 Vertu for Bentley, the £4,100 Vertu Constellation and the £7,600 Vertu Signature Touch, which now comes with lizard-skin exterior.

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Vertu Signature for Bentley_High Re_002

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