Silicon Readers Say It’s About Time For Tube Mobile Coverage

Silicon readers want tube mobile coverage, not in-tunnel silence

In what might be the least surprising result of one of our polls to date,  nearly three quarters (73.5 percent) of Silicon readers have backed calls for mobile coverage on the London Underground.

Last week, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan vowed to eliminate connectivity notspots across the capital – including on the Tube.

Stations and platforms already have Wi-Fi coverage, but the absence of mobile signal on London’s subterranean railway network has been conspicuous by its absence.

Tube Poll Pie Chart

Tube 4G coverage

Crossrail, soon to be known as the Elizabeth Line, will have in-tunnel coverage and by 2019 all other lines are set to follow suit, allowing people to communicate and do business on the go.

Some have suggested they won’t look forward to hearing phone conversations on trains and perhaps that explains why the number of respondents who don’t want 4G coverage underground was so why.

After all, maybe the Tube is one of the last refuges from the office and should be savoured?

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