OnePlus Admits Emergency Calling Fault With Some OnePlus 5 Handsets

The Chinese phone maker will fix the flaw with a software update

Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus has admitted to a fault in some of its OnePlus 5 flagship handsets that forces a handset restart when an emergency call is made. 

The glitch was highlighted by Reddit users where one OnePlus 5 users demonstrated how the restart was prompted when making an emergency call. Emergency numbers such as 999 in the UK and 112 in Europe are also reported to be affected by the glitch. 

“I had to dial 911 on my OnePlus 5 yesterday (saw a building on fire a few blocks away) and both times I tried my phone rebooted on me,” said Reddit user Seattle_Horn. 

OnePlus 5 emergency 

OnePlus 5 Midnight BlackThe problem has the potential to put lives at risk if the phone prevents emergency calls from being made. As such OnePlus is promising a software update to fix the flaw. 

“We have been in touch with the customer and have tested a software update that has resolved the issue,” said OnePlus in a statement. “We will be rolling out the software update shortly.”

This is not the first time OnePlus has had to deal with flaws after a successful launch of a new handset, with its 2016 OnePlus 3 having suffered battery problems due to a fast charging feature

Silicon has been testing the OnePlus 5 out and has not noticed any software problems, including others that are making their way around various user forums. 

However, the flaws could be down to a faulty batch of OnePlus 5 handsets and as such have not be encountered by us. 

The situation is not nearly as dire as the exploding battery problems Samsung encountered with its Galaxy Note 7 that prompted a worldwide recall of the handset. 

Thus far the OnePlus 5 is shaping up to being the next best Android phone after the Samsung Galaxy S8. But if it ended up having yielding more flaws as user have more time with the handset, then OnePlus’ success with its new phone could be torpedoed somewhat. 

However, if a software update can fix the emergency calling problem and a few other niggles in the phone’s software, then OnePlus will be back on track with its flagship phone and will likely challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung in the mobile world. 

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