Poll: Will You Be Buying An iPhone X?


The iPhone X is the biggest upgrade to the range in years. But it’s also the most expensive. Will you be getting one?

This week, Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone by releasing the most expensive model to date, the iPhone X. 

The iPhone boasts an all-OLED display handset with face-tracking technology and multitasking features that should appeal to professional users. 

Do you want an iPhone X?

iPhone X display

Pronounced ‘iPhone 10’, nearly all of the phone’s front is taken up by the screen, which means Apple’s somewhat iconic home button has finally been removed, with a single swipe up gesture designed to function in the same way the hardware button does in the iPhone 8. 

But it will cost $1,000 without a contract. One of our columnists has suggested the iPhone 8 represents better value for money for businesses who want the latest model without the hefty price tag.

But what do you think? Can you not wait until the iPhone X’s standout features filter down to the rest of the product line? Or will you wait until the price comes down or when your contract is up for renewal?

We want to know. So vote in the poll below and let us know anything else in the comments!

Will You Get An iPhone X?

  • No, never (46%)
  • No, but maybe in the future (27%)
  • Yes! Shut up and take my money now! (20%)
  • Yes, when my contract is up (8%)

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